Internet Terror in America 2.0: Facebook Removes Users Personal Pages
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Internet Terror in America 2.0: Facebook Removes Users Personal Pages


As is known, the largest social network, Facebook, often uses its own methods to resist censorship and freedom of speech. These methods have existed for a long time and are quite actively used with many of the network’s users.

On the eve of the U.S. Congressional midterm elections, censorship in social networks is becoming truly global. Every day, the security service blocks hundreds and thousands of “wrong” posts that fall short of the social network’s policy, and groups and communities are exposed to the same fate. It’s apparently about those who don’t go along with the liberal agenda.

Thus, recently, ordinary people have now begun to fall under the “batter’s box,” their guilt lying in that they noted their workplace in their public profile. It’s all clear USA Really employees noted that they work for USA Really.

In and of itself, it sounds at least strange, but moreso stupid. On Monday, Facebook blocked the personal page of a journalist and two social media marketing experts of the USA Really information agency.

In addition, audio hosting platform SoundCloud also blocked the personal account of agency representative Jesse Dominick, a citizen of the United States who records daily podcasts special for USA Really, which quickly became popular. In fact, this is the same thing that happened on Facebook: The so-called “internal security system” didn't allow materials to be published.

As previously reported, without warning, the social network removed our page and a group of younger media from its platform. Social platforms Twitter and Instagram also yielded to “pressure from above” and turned off USA Really’s pages.

As of October 2018, Facebook has removed three pages for the project, including the personal profile of the administrator of these pages. Twitter blocked three accounts, one of which had no published posts or subscribers, and marked the link to the site as dangerous.

LinkedIn banned link distribution, and Instagram initially banned the adding of captions to images when registering our profile. Google has blocked USA Really accounts on all its sites, including YouTube and Google+. 

Usually, if someone repeatedly violates Facebook standards, the social platform is known to limit the person’s ability to publish or use the social network. Knowing that neither the agency nor USA Really staff violated any policies or standards, Facebook’s network security silently removed the users’ pages. All support calls have been ignored.

Now, when the users try to log in to their personal Facebook page, they only see the text: “Your account is disabled (blocked). For more information or if you believe your account has been disabled in error, please visit our Help Center.”

The first USA Really blocking on Facebook occurred in June this year; the social network didn't provide any justification at that time either.

Also, there are no explanations as to what USA Really employees did wrong or where the news agency missed warnings from the social network, if there really were any. Facebook didn’t give the USA Really Editorial Board any opportunity to make a decision about the removal of the uncensored material. Instead, the social platform has effectively banned independent media from using its services.

Such an unhealthy and inexplicable desire to accuse USA Really of encroaching on the security of a huge country today reveals manic characteristics.

It seems that the American media, as well as social networks, believe that the USA Really is a powerful “agent of influence,” capable, in their opinion, of destroying the entire harmonious “system of democratic values” of the United States.

The USA Really News Agency is offering everybody whose accounts have been blocked to file a collective lawsuit due to the violations of American laws and brutal censorship.

Moreover, we are offering a reward of up to $5,000 for any information on peremptorily illegal actions from the side of the U.S. Government and the structures controlled by them that impose censorship in the field of social networks in particular, and the Internet in general.  

You can prove it via screenshots sent to, or any other way that is convenient for you. 

The USA Really team will make every effort to tell society (and the whole world!) the truth behind these actions.

We are not afraid, and we will be both strong and persistent in this struggle.

Author: USA Really