Exposing “Real Fakers” in the Reality of Media Hype and Spin Doctors
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Exposing “Real Fakers” in the Reality of Media Hype and Spin Doctors


My editor-in-Chief, Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, recently sent me a follow up email from a journalist in Australia, wanting to get in contact over what I had been quoted as saying in a NYT interview over my contributions to USA Really.

“I'm a producer with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and wanted to follow up on a few things he was quoted as saying in the New York Times about the website USA Really.”

The interview she mentions was on the topic of how the Russians are supposedly manipulating the US media in open sight – and how they are so good at it.

Is a New Russian Meddling Tactic Hiding in Plain Sight?

USA Really might look like any other fledgling news organization. But some cybersecurity experts believe it may be part of a retooled Russian propaganda operation, as the New York Times also claims.

Sorry, but it is not quite so simple. Even if a small Russian media outlet is interested going to great lengths just to get a few quotes and a following of disgruntled Americans, is there a deeper story to be told?

I am one who likes to read the conclusion before reading the book, and to jump to the comments before finishing the article, to identify the high points and points of contention.

Here is one comment that I particularly liked: “USA Really’s website depicts the United States as a democracy in decline, riddled with crime and divided by partisan rancor. Those bastards are undermining our democracy by telling the truth about our democracy!!”

I guess I am one of those bastards.

I must have gotten someone’s attention with the interview, or at least I want to believe that — an ego thing that is … but in all likelihood, it was just a ploy to find out more about my new found friends in the naïve and often fledgling Russian media. At least I now know that I am counted as a bastard in full public view.

A bit of digging into such NYT articles, and you be the judge, does not dredge up dirt on any particular journalist but how such articles get commissioned in the first place. I learned that the story was actually instigated by an organization called Bellingcat.

It is alleged that Bellingcat is funded by George Soros and US regime change agency the NED (National Endowment for Democracy). Even Elliot Higgins is saying “tongue and cheek” that he should be making more if he is being paid by Soros, Qatar, the CIA, etc. “I’m beginning to think that I being seriously underpaid for my work.” 

He does admit however that he is already being paid by the Open Society Foundation (Soros) NED, Google, Adessium and Crowdfunding. My own trusted sources warn me that the NYT story came from, or was commissioned by Bellingcat, and that means by those that stand behind it.

Before I give more interviews, I will check out these links, and ask insiders to look into Bellingcat — as the story is not really a NYT production, but one from a shadow/propaganda site that pours CIA-approved filth into the mainstream and launders it through Belliingcat to the NYT and other flagship newspapers.  Then it becomes trustworthy, and you can depend on it like Apple Pie.

My source gave me a bit of advice – it is always best to attack their propaganda assets, as exposing them destroys their ‘toolbox” – much like the Old Moscow Times. 

The USA Really hit piece may simply be a Bellingcat/CIA press release dressed up as an article. But that in itself is not the issue.

It is as if they think that I – and the Russians - are just so stupid. I know from my former classmates from the Patterson School of Diplomacy, many of whom are now working with the CIA, that the CIA really does think the Russians are that stupid.

Let them think what they want about the Russians, but they know that I am not.  Yes, the Russian press is deeply flawed, and going through a transition phase, but it has some definite advantages, especially when it allows what is written by Americans and other foreigners to get published.  It is often something a bit unprofessional – even Tabloid-like — but the readers like it, as it speaks to them directly, unlike doublespeak from a pedestal — as so goes the MSM

The big problem however is that many Russian journalists have some sick love relationship with the likes of Donald Trump and Julian Assange, and this is becoming very tiring, especially for an American who has put his neck on the block for telling it as he sees it.

Being linked with USA Really, Veterans Today (as its Bureau Chief for Georgia) and my interviews with the Georgian (as in the country) media, I understand why Homeland Security gave me such hell at airports in the US, when arriving and departing over the summer. 

The comments on the article in the limelight, the one about Russian trolls, are especially insightful. Some are right on, others try to downplay the fact that we are doing something that has the so-called American free media shitting in their pants.

My father's first job, at 17, was as a copy boy with the Washington Post. He would roll over in his grave if he read it now. He was also a US army war correspondent and cameraman in France and Germany, wounded during the Battle of the Bulge.

As for the NYT article, it was not too bad because he did not twist my words. It may have been a hit article, but as someone said, "any press is good press."

It states that USAReally has a full-time staff of 15 in Moscow and a handful of American writers who contribute to the site.

One of those writers, Jeffrey K. Silverman, said in a phone interview that USAReally’s Russian origins weren’t a concern. He had previously written for other pro-Kremlin sites, and when he learned that USAReally was looking for American writers, he volunteered. The site paid him $50 to $100 for each of his articles, he said; they didn’t instruct him to cover particular subjects or parrot a party line.

“Whenever I write for anything Russian, they don’t censor me,” Mr. Silverman said. “If I write for American publications, I get censored.”

Democracy is but a concept that everybody repeats. Few can come close to understandings its real value, but for me that is near absolute free speech!

Several Greek philosophers were critical of democracy. Plato in particular mentioned that Democracy was a front for BIG money oligarchs. But nowadays the media has become a tool of manipulation by the Gods of business and the American Way.

I believe it was in Plato's Republic that the common people were to be kept from eating meat so that they would be less vigorous. I remember from a class in university that one of the philosophers basically said that the Greek myths were made-up stories, and if we were going to make up stories, we should replace our current ones with more moral gods.

Democracies are established all over the world through things like color revolutions because afterwards, if the leader does not toe-the-line of the world power brokers, that person is much easier to replace than an old fashioned tin-pot dictator.

The journalist from Australia got back to me saying, “Thanks so much for being willing to help! We’ve had to drop the story on late notice due to staffing constraints, but we may pick it up again in the future – we’ll keep you in mind.”

 I don’t know what “staffing constraints” are, but they have the material, printers, editors and the like.

 I wonder who it is who is constraining their staff?

Author: Jeffrey Silverman