Trump Name Becoming Toxic
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Trump Name Becoming Toxic


USA — October 9, 2018

In the time since Donald Trump entered the world of politics with a message deemed hateful and divisive by many, the value of his brand in the business world has plummeted. In the time since he’s taken office and become the least popular incoming president in U.S. history, his brand has become even more toxic. The latest evidence:

Turnberry Holiday Park, which lies south of the U.S. president’s golf resort in South Ayrshire, Scotland, said it is considering removing “Turnberry” from its name to counter “the Trump effect.”

The move comes after the static caravan site canvassed the opinions of over 1,000 people and found that 32% were less likely to visit the site because of its name.

Andrew Howe, chief executive of Bridge Leisure Parks, which owns Turnberry Holiday Park, said, “We have worked hard to make Turnberry a wonderful holiday park and are concerned that customers are put off due to the Trump effect.”

Donald Trump bought the nearby luxury Turnberry golf resort in 2014 and invested about $260 million in its refurbishment in 2016, but despite investments, it has run up four successive years of multimillion losses.

Only last week it posted new losses of $4.43million, and has lost a total of $43 million since it was taken over four years ago.

Mr. Trump resigned as director of the golf resort in January 2017 after becoming president, as did his daughter Ivanka, but his sons Eric and Donald Jr. remain in their positions.

Following a series of protests at the golf resort, including a paraglider who flew into a no-fly zone to challenge Mr. Trump’s environmental policies in July, the caravan park is keen to ensure their business does not suffer.

“We are proud of our historic association with Turnberry, but we are considering a new name that highlights the positive aspects of this wonderful part of the world. We are giving members of the public a chance to have their say on a new name. They can head over to our Facebook Page to make their suggestions or share their views or concerns about any apparent link to the American President,” Andrew Howe said.

The park is keen to retain the 2,000 vacationers that visit the site each year who may have views conflicting with those of the controversial U.S. president.

A decision about the name is expected to be made within the next couple of weeks.

Author: USA Really