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USA Really is Giving Away EASY MONEY!


Hello, hello, one and all, and welcome to our USA Really daily podcast for October 9. I’m Jesse Dominick for USA Really, and this is your chance to get the quick scoop on all the latest news and thought-provoking opinions and reflections that have hit our pages today. Our specialty is bringing you the news that the major media outlets aren’t always so keen on covering, and thought-provoking articles and reflections from real Americans on real American issues.

And again, I want to remind you all again about our Global Democracy Award, which is USA Really’s first contest offering. We’re looking for talented and inspired/inspiring authors, poets, filmmakers, and even meme artists who are ready to tackle the thorny matter of the U.S. government’s interference in other countries. We’re offering some serious cash prizes (I’m talking in the thousands!) so definitely check out the contest page for more details, and get us your original work by December 1! And stick around till the end of the podcast and I’ll tell you about another chance at some big cash monies!

Now, as I mentioned yesterday, we’re already receiving some great entries, and today’s opinion piece is actually the first contest entry we’d like to share with you. And don’t forget, we’re looking for a lot more entries!

The piece is “America’s Currency War Against Turkey:  Comparative Resistance and Solutions” by Ian Pye. Turkey’s economy is now uniformly described as in dire straits by the collective London-New York banking juggernaut and its media tentacles.  Despite the West’s reasoning for why the nation’s currency – the lira – is plummeting, Turkey is enduring this imposed situation due to seasoned, disciplined internal defensive economic measures, plus its insistent relations with China, Russia and Iran. From his conclusion: “Turkey is clearly not new to coups, currency attacks and other externally sourced interference into its internal affairs and sovereignty.  That said, this proud, resilient nation has managed to consolidate past experiences into balancing both modern defensive and offensive arrangements, economically and politically speaking.  The recent fiscal attacks by transatlantic banking powers will be used as a global case study in how to deflect economic threats while providing catalysts for further Eurasian developmental integration and growth.” That’s a bit of a mouthful — it’s probably better for you to read our podcast text and definitely check out Ian’s piece.

We hope you check that out and that you like the piece, and may it inspire you to create your own original work for our contest!

And having given you a little taste of our contest, let’s jump right into the news. A masked killer is on the loose in Chicago, which is already well-known as one of, if the not most violent city in America. He’s already killed two people, and just 36 hours apart, back on September 30 and October 1. The police immediately set up a special unit to investigate the case. More than forty detectives, along with agents from the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, as well as patrol crews are trying to neutralize the threat from this dangerous criminal. Law enforcement officers believe that if he is not caught soon, he will continue to kill. He has been caught on camera, though his face is hidden, but it did let investigators know that they’re looking for a man who walks with his feet pointed outwards. There’s $16,000 in rewards being offered for any information in connection with the murders.

Then we’ve got our daily this day in history piece for all your history buffs out there. While America was founded by those seeking religious freedom, we all know that the government loves to interfere in religious affairs both at home and abroad, and especially recently. But, it’s actually been happening all along, to one degree or another. On this day in 1635, Roger Williams was expelled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony because he was “spreading new and dangerous ideas” according to the Puritan majority. Williams believed in the “liberty of conscience,” was one of the first Americans who stood for the prohibition of slavery, and studied Indian languages in an attempt to understand Native Americans better. Then there’s also two battles from the Civil War, and the Black Sox scandal of 1919. Remember that? Apparently eight members of the Chicago White Sox were accused of losing the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds intentionally. I’m sure their team members weren’t all that happy about it.

Next up, Ron Paul is warning that a 50% stock market decline is coming and that there is no way to stop it. How’s that grab ya? According to Ron Paul, the former Republican Congressman from Texas, the recent jump in Treasury bond yields suggest the U.S. is barreling towards a potential recession and market meltdown at a faster and faster pace. And, he sees no way to prevent it. And the euphoria that once saturated Wall Street is gone—could a massive 50% fall in stock prices be coming? Billionaire investors think the coming crisis will be worse than the last. God help us! “Fear and Hatred on the Stock Exchange” has all the numbers and gritty details for you.

Children need their parents. Children need both parents. That is, they need a mother, and a father. Study after study proves this. It’s indisputable, and yet for some reason American culture, or at least the media, seems to glorify single parenting. Indeed, those single parents who bear the full burden are to be praised, but the situation is not to be praised. According to the latest figures from the Census Bureau, over 27% of children (more than 1 in 4) in the U.S. were living without a father in their home in 2017. Meanwhile, it is the absence of a father that causes social problems such as poverty, teen pregnancy, juvenile delinquency, physical abuse, suicide, substance and alcohol abuse, and a host of other troubling social problems. Consequently, there is a father factor in nearly all social ills facing America today. And people like Candace Owens are pointing this out as a major factor in the problems in the African American community, but of course, that makes her, a black woman, a racist… But, it’s just reality, folks.

And more in sports news—there’s a new leader in NFL passing. Peyton Manning was the all-time passing leader, but he was overtaken yesterday, by Drew Brees, in the Colts-Broncos game. And Brees just had a hot game all around, completing 23 of 26 passes for 363 yards and 3 touchdowns. His completion percentage of 89.7 was a career best, and he did it in front of both a home crowd in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and a Monday Night Football audience. What an achievement it was! And Brees is feeling pretty good about it, as you can expect. I don’t know much about sports, but I know the name Drew Brees, so he must be pretty good! Head on over to our article to get the full story.

Have you ever thought about walking on the moon? I mean, people have done it (well, at least that’s the story we’re told), so it could conceivably happen again. Well, it seems bajillionaire Elon Musk is heading for the moon, and he’s taking some friends along! Japanese fashion entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa was the first person to jump on the ticket sales for Musk’s SpaceX mission to the Moon, to be the first lunar journey by humans since 1972. Despite  Musk’s recent troubles, the Japanese online retail tycoon says he respects and trusts Elon Musk as a fellow entrepreneur. The trip to the moon is billed for 2023 and Yusaka Maezawa, who is worth $2.9 billion, has ten tickets. Although he has not yet decided who will be going with him on the space travel, he has revealed that he will be taking artists from around the world on the trip just to capture the experience. He shared that the list of artists would include a painter, dancer, film director, and a musician from a variety of backgrounds, including the actress he was dating, Ayame Goriki, “if she proves to be a good match for the mission.” “Tickets to Moon Still Valid” brings you the full scoop on this intergalactic journey.

Okay, so you remember how we’ve talked about USA Really’s troubles with various social networks before? Well now Facebook is spreading out—they’re not just axing the USA Really page, but even the personal pages of people who work here. And why? Well, because they work for USA Really, of course! Need there be any other reason? As of this month, Facebook has removed three pages for the project, including the personal profile of the administrator of these pages, and Twitter has blocked three accounts, one of which had no published posts or subscribers, and marked the link to the site as dangerous. Do you have any information on peremptorily illegal actions from the side of the U.S. Government and the structures controlled by them that impose censorship in the field of social networks in particular, and the internet in general? Well, USA Really is offering a $5,000 reward if you can send us proof! I bet that grabbed your ears! Find out more at our article, “Internet Terror in America 2.0: Facebook Removes Users’ Personal Pages.”

And, as usual, we want to leave you with a preview of tomorrow’s opinion piece, which will be “Exposing ‘Real Fakers’ in the Reality of Media Hype and Spin Doctors” by Jeffrey Silverman. “Whenever I write for anything Russian, they don’t censor me,” Silverman says. “If I write for American publications, I get censored.” And in his previous piece he told us about troubles he’s had over being associated with USA Really, including being detained at the airport in his own country! One comment he liked on that previous article reads, “USA Really’s website depicts the United States as a democracy in decline, riddled with crime and divided by partisan rancor. Those bastards are undermining our democracy by telling the truth about our democracy!!” Tomorrow’s piece gives you a further look into the media hype surrounding USA Really and all things Russia. Doing a little digging, Silverman found out who is likely behind these instigations against USA Really, and it just might surprise you … George Soros! Oh wait, that’s not surprising at all. He has his disgusting finger in every pot. Anyways, there’s a lot more where that came from, waiting for you tomorrow, so be sure to check out Silverman’s piece.

And that’ll do it once again for our USA Really daily podcast. As always, I’m Jesse Dominick saying thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


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