18 Already Infected in Second Upper Manhattan Legionnaire’s Outbreak
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18 Already Infected in Second Upper Manhattan Legionnaire’s Outbreak



After receiving a report on patients admitted to city hospitals, NYC health officials reported on a new outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in Manhattan today. The disease is currently spread only in Manhattan.

Overall, 18 people to date have fallen ill as part of the second Legionnaires' disease outbreak in the lower Washington Heights-Hamilton Heights area.

Conrad Martin's grandmother is among those who are sick. He went to a town hall meeting with city officials Monday night at the Jackie Robinson Recreations Center looking for answers.

"She's doing better," Martin said. "She's still very weak, and she has some health issues she didn’t have before like incontinence and things like that."

Martin’s grandmother lives in the Sugar Hill Development, a building for low-income residents at 155th Street and St. Nicholas. It was at the center of the outbreak back in July that afflicted 27 and killed one.

As a precaution, the Sugar Hill cooling tower has been scrubbed again because of this second outbreak.

Health officials urged people with flu-like symptoms to get themselves checked by a doctor, suggesting free options available at city hospitals.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the cause of the cluster continues. Officials have now checked 20 towers, taking a closer look at 11. One cooling tower was found to not even be registered with the city, meaning it was not being regularly inspected.

However, the source of the recent outbreak remains unknown. The investigation is ongoing.

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