The Six-Phased Strategy Behind The Mueller Probe
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The Six-Phased Strategy Behind The Mueller Probe


The Mueller probe has gone on as long as it has because of its six-phased strategy that began with trying to incite Color Revolutionary regime change unrest against Trump and ends with it aiming to leave a lasting legacy of “disloyalty” associated with the President’s name.  

All of America is sick and tired of hearing about the Mueller probe, with everyone having already made up their own minds by now about whether Trump’s guilty of “colluding” with Russia or not. Even so, people can’t get away from hearing about this investigation because it’s literally everywhere. Though there’s a reason behind this and it's not just because the Democrats are obsessed with impeaching Trump. That’s a part of it, or rather, that was a part of it, but in fact a lot more because that specific objective is only a section in a plan with Russiagate. There are international implications to this fake witch hunt investigation such as sabotaging any immediate post-election prospects for a “New Détente” between the US and Russia. But in depth there lies the six-phased strategy behind the Mueller probe:

1. Incite Color Revolutionary Regime Change Unrest Against Trump

Coming on the heels of the “#NotMyPresident” Color Revolutionary regime change unrest, the Mueller probe aimed to breathe new life into this superficially “grassroots” but Soros-organized movement by encouraging it to return to the streets every time a new “revelation” was alleged against the President. The Democrats didn’t really think that “the resistance” would ever topple Trump but just that the threat of disproportionately publicized “bottom-up” pressure might make him “compromise” on his campaign promises and therefore avoid the system-shaking scenarios that he was originally poised to bring.

2. Craft The “Legal” Grounds For Impeachment

For as full of “wishful thinking” as most rank-and-file Democrats are, it’s unlikely that their elite leaders really believed that Trump would ever be impeached because of Russiagate, but crafting the perception that “legal” grounds could be reached to make this a possibility electrified their base like nothing else in recent memory. Moreover, it also contributed to putting more pressure on Trump, albeit this time from “above”, in a bid to derail his ambitious reform agenda by making his “fellow” Republicans question whether they should even vote for their party leader’s proposals if there’s a chance that he might be out of office real soon.

3. Interfere With Governing

The longer that the Mueller probe stretches on for, the longer that Trump will experience trouble governing because he also has to convince “reluctant” Republicans that he won’t be impeached anytime in the near future. For it to have even gotten to this “middle step” of the six-phased strategy is a de-facto admission that Trump will indeed not be impeached and that the Democrats have been unsuccessful in using “Rent-A-Mobs” to put pressure on him from “below” on command, though some average Americans might not have realized this yet because they’re trapped in the Mainstream Media matrix.

4. Get Under Trump’s Skin

Russiagate is just as psychological as it is political, especially when it comes to the “opposition” waging warfare on Trump’s mind through their unpredictable and mostly false “revelations” about this media-manufactured “scandal”. The whole point is to provoke the President into making so many mistakes that he either isolates his base by responding in a truly regrettable way after losing all manner of control, such as if reacting to outright fake news “reports” about his family, or that he ends up doing something that results in Mueller having real grounds to pursue an impeachment, such as entrapping him to commit “obstruction of justice”.

5. Manipulate The Midterms

Mueller and his Democratic and “deep state” handlers want to use the ongoing investigation to manipulate the upcoming November midterms, hoping that weaponized “revelations” and “leaks” – the vast majority of which it can be assumed will be patently untrue – can lead to a series of “October surprises” that tilt the outcome of the elections towards the “opposition”. This tactic isn’t anything novel but could be applied on an unprecedentedly large scale this time around, though it riskily stands the chance of backfiring on the Democrats by turning more Americans against them and getting them to either sit out the polls or vote for the Republicans in protest.

6. Leave A Lasting Legacy Of “Disloyalty”

Finally, the last of the six Mueller probe phases is to reframe Trump’s presidential legacy in such a way that future generations will forever question his loyalty to America, with this lasting objective being based on the Democrats being able to successful shape the minds of today’s youth. This is predicated on a serious misreading of the President’s opponents, however, since they’ve believed the propaganda of their “inevitable victory” to the point of operating based on an Alt-Reality groupthink which has led to them making political mistake after mistake and consequently becoming increasingly irrelevant to this generation, let alone any forthcoming ones.

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Andrew Korybko is a native Clevelander who graduated from The Ohio State University and now lives and works in Moscow.

Author: Andrew Korybko