Most of White Evangelicals Think USA Shouldn’t House Refugees
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Most of White Evangelicals Think USA Shouldn’t House Refugees


WASHINGTON — May 30, 2018

White evangelical Protestants think America shouldn’t house refugees, according to a recent Pew poll reveals.

The study found that 68% of white evangelicals believed that the United States “does not have a responsibility” to house refugees, while just 25% think that it does.

In its turn, 51% of Americans overall believe the US does have a responsibility to allow in refugees, while just 43% think it does not.

As for social issues, the highest level of support from any group cited in the study was from those who identified as religiously unaffiliated, of whom a full 65% support American housing of refugees.

It is also noted that white evangelicals are starting to support the GOP platform while other groups are rejecting it.

It’s likewise increasingly clear that the relationship between President Trump’s base and white evangelical Christians is symbiotic. And the line between white evangelical theology and GOP platform is all but disappearing.

Author: USA Really