The Belligerence of the Left: Anger, Irrationality, and Seared Consciences
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The Belligerence of the Left: Anger, Irrationality, and Seared Consciences


Okay, so, you’ve all heard about the Kavanaugh circus by now, and maybe you’re even sick of it. Everyone has their opinion about who is telling the truth, and let’s be honest — most people aren’t willing to change their mind, no matter what the evidence or argument brought forth. So I’m not going to go into what Kavanaugh said, what Ford said, who seemed more honest, who seemed more sympathetic, etc. 

What really caught my attention here was, moreso than the facts of the case itself, the way the American people are responding to it, and particularly the absolute belligerence with which the Left has been responding to this whole affair.

Of course, this isn’t something new, something that popped up just in response to Kavanaugh, but I saw a tweet from one celebrity that really seemed to me like a perfect encapsulation of how the Left does business lately. In response to Senator Lindsey Graham’s passionate defense of Kavanaugh, Patton Oswalt wrote on Sept. 27:

“F************ck you @LindseyGrahamSC f*ck you fu*k you fu*k you. F*ck you, Lindsey. Hey, Lindsey! Lindsey, over here! Hey man! F**********ck you. F*ck, You. fu*kyoufu*kyoufu*kyoufu*kyou F*CK YOU LINDSEY GRAHAM”

Of course, Oswalt actually wrote out the words. He’s probably best known as Spencer from The King of Queens — I like the show, it’s always disappointing to see someone who’s work you have appreciated act like a complete moron.

Thankfully, you can also see several responses from people who see what is going on with Democrats/the Left these days. Ben Denison writes: “This pretty much sums up the Democratic argument for everything,” and Seeking Superman writes: “Great argument you have there. My 13 year old could state a much more logical and rational argument and have it hold more merit. I love how when liberals get outmatched they throw temper tantrums like a three year old.”


Yup. They both nailed it right on the head.

Oswalt’s tweet is essentially the written equivalent of Kathy Griffin’s pathetic stunt with the bloody Trump head. As Seeking Superman writes, they’re stumped, so it’s time to throw off even the slightest attempt at rational argumentation and give themselves over to pure, raw emotion.

But look, man’s rational faculties are precisely what distinguish him from the animals. Any reasonable, clear-thinking person, whether they believe Ford or Kavanaugh should be able to understand why someone would not believe Christine Blasey Ford, given the complete lack of evidence, and that even the witnesses she herself pointed have denied her story. This should at least be accepted as a reasonable, respectable position to hold.

But the Left cannot do that. They insist that not believing Ford means an attack on all women, and they scream “Believe all women!” despite that we know for a fact that sometimes women make false allegations.

It’s the same as when the Left diverts attention from what is really going on with abortion, accusing the Right of merely hating women… It’s the same as when they call everyone a nazi or blame everything on Russia… They’re completely irrational, but highly emotional arguments

Pure, unadulterated rage, unfiltered through any reasoning process, as we see with Oswalt, is more akin to the beasts than to true humanity. Man has both his physical and his spiritual/rational aspects, so this bestial side is there in man, but dipping into it, or rather, diving headfirst into it is a rejection of the higher faculties of man that truly distinguish him as man. When the Left behaves this way, it’s at least implicitly acknowledging that it believes that acting out purely from our lower faculties is somehow more impressive, or more persuasive. If they can just show how strong their emotions are, surely it will prove they are more just and righteous!

They’re essentially expressing their desire to reject their humanity, to reject their existence as humans — unique creations. The ancient Fathers of the Christian Church, possessed of the highest degrees of experiential knowledge of the human condition, spoke of sinning, of indulging in our lower, animalistic passions, as a tendency towards non-existence, by rejecting the rationality, or logos, within us that connects us to the Logos that orders all of creation.

Of course, it’s not so surprising that so many Americans are seemingly braindead, given that our supposed academic elites, such as Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, and Bill Nye actively encourage people against philosophy — that is, against the pursuit of meaning and wisdom.

And speaking of “academics,” a Georgetown University prof, Carol Christine Fair, tweeted out this gem following the Kavanaugh hearing: “Look at [this] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement.  All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.”

No attempt at an argument. No trace of human intelligence or rationality. Only hatred and violence.

Now, I guess I have to take the time to point out that no, not every liberal is like this, and yes, some conservatives sometimes act this way, but there is no doubt that this is by and large a Leftist phenomenon. That’s not even a controversial, debatable thing to say.

But, as an interesting aside, note that liberals are criticizing Kavanaugh and Lindsey Graham precisely for showing emotion — only in their cases, their anger was directed against what they see as an injustice — precisely what anger is meant for, and, notably, they still expressed their anger through reasoned thoughts. Had Kavanaugh gone before the Senate and simply let the expletives fly, no one would be on his side. To be a judge — to discern between right and wrong — requires the exercise of our human rationality.

There’s also the recent viral story of Jordan Hunt, the pro-abortion activist who mocked and roundhouse-kicked a pro-life woman on camera. He says he was merely trying to kick the phone out of her hands, because she was filming him as he defaced the pro-lifers’ signs, but he doesn’t seem to realize that that wouldn’t have been any better — he would still have had to at least kick her hand, in addition to destroying her personal property.

In any case, the man was unable to reason through an argument about why slaughtering children is acceptable, so he resorted instead to violence — against a woman. And do we even have to mention Antifa, the fascist “anti-fascists”?

And then there are those responses from the Left that clearly required some form of thought, some use of creativity, but reveal a devastating lack of conscience, or perhaps it’s better to say a seared conscience — one that has been distorted over time by some kind of trauma, or repeated exposure to things dark, ugly, sinful, and evil.

The Illinois Times, an alternative weekly newspaper based in Springfield, ran the following cartoon by Chris Britt on Friday, September 28:

Of course, this is mocking Kavanaugh’s statement that his daughter prays for the woman who is accusing her father. That this cartoonist and this newspaper would choose to mock a little girl who has enough love and a pure enough heart to pray even for those who persecute her family shows their lack of conscience, and in fact, their hatred of the good — for Christ Himself taught us to pray for those who persecute us — and that they would use Kavanaugh’s own daughter in an attack against him further reveals their lack of conscience. Nothing is sacred to these people. There is nothing that cannot become an object of mockery or a weapon in the hands of such vicious people.

But then, this isn’t surprising at all. The same people who are so fervently anti-Kavanaugh are also pro-abortion (I wrote about abortion and what it says about the state of the human heart in a previous article). Let’s not forget that even before Ford’s accusations became known, Democrats had already sworn to stop Kavanaugh at any cost. Why? Because they believe he represents that last vote needed to overturn the bloody Roe v. Wade.

That’s right. They might lose the right to suck and tear babies limb from limb and sell their body parts, and that terrifies them.

(And though this isn’t about irrational or unconscionable responses — it’s not hard to see the connection to people like TV producer Dan Harmon and filmmaker James Gunn who both have pedophilia obsessions — the willingness to abuse even innocent children to feed unhinged and hedonistic passions.)

There are so many examples of such Leftist responses lately — it was hard to choose which ones to address here and which to leave out.

Leftist/Democrat belligerence may be good for the news, and it gives Tucker Carlson something to laugh about, but, in fact, it is truly sad. Man is blessed with his rational faculty precisely to turn his gaze upward, and even to move beyond the bounds of his own nature, to the Divine Logos that orders all of creation. We can at least use it to make careful, reasoned arguments and to approach one another with patience and understanding.

But what we are seeing today is rather an embrace of all the lowest, basest urges and desires that lurk within us. American society is deeply divided, and without a return to rationality and conscience-driven relationships, it seems unlikely that the situation is going to get better anytime soon.

Author: Jesse Dominick