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A Tale of Toxic Trump and the World’s Stupidest Criminal
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A Tale of Toxic Trump and the World’s Stupidest Criminal


Welcome again, one and all, to our daily USA Really podcast for October 10. I’m Jesse Dominick for USA Really, and this is your chance to get the quick scoop on all the latest news and thought-provoking opinions and reflections that have hit our pages today, especially on issues that the mainstream media might not be so thrilled about covering.

I want to remind you all again about our Global Democracy Award, which is USA Really’s first contest offering. We’re looking for talented and inspired/inspiring authors, poets, filmmakers, and even meme artists who are ready to tackle the thorny matter of the U.S. government’s interference in other countries. We’re offering some serious cash prizes (I’m talking in the thousands!) so definitely check out the contest page for more details, and get us your original work by December 1!

We’re already receiving some great entries for the contest, and we published one on the site yesterday. Be sure to check out “America’s Currency War Against Turkey: Comparative Resistance and Solutions” by Ian Pye to get a feel for what kind of content we’re looking for.

And we now have another way for you to get some cash from USA Really: Do you have any information on peremptorily illegal actions from the U.S. Government and the structures controlled by them that impose censorship in the field of social networks in particular, and the internet in general? Well, USA Really is offering a $5,000 reward if you can send us proof! Find out the background and all the details to this at our article, “Internet Terror in America 2.0: Facebook Removes Users’ Personal Pages.”

Alright, well, on that note, let’s dive right into the articles, and we’re first going to take a look at today’s opinion piece: “Exposing ‘Real Fakers’ in the Reality of Media Hype and Spin Doctors” by Jeffrey Silverman. “Whenever I write for anything Russian, they don’t censor me,” Silverman says. “If I write for American publications, I get censored.” And in his previous piece he told us about troubles he’s had over being associated with USA Really, including being detained at the airport in his own country! One comment he liked on that previous article reads, “USA Really’s website depicts the United States as a democracy in decline, riddled with crime and divided by partisan rancor. Those bastards are undermining our democracy by telling the truth about our democracy!!” Today’s piece gives you a further look into the media hype surrounding USA Really and all things Russia. Doing a little digging, Silverman found out who is likely behind these instigations against USA Really, and it just might surprise you … George Soros! Oh wait, that’s not surprising at all. He has his disgusting finger in every pot. Anyways, there’s a lot more where that came from, waiting for you today, so be sure to check out Silverman’s piece.

Then let’s kick off the news with two Trump pieces right in a row. The Trump administration is moving to allow higher concentrations of ethanol in gasoline during the summer months—surely a boon for farmers who have pushed for greater sales of the corn-based fuel. The change would allow year-round sales of gasoline blends with up to 15% ethanol, while gasoline typically contains 10% ethanol. “A Boon for Farmers: Trump to Announce Lifting of Ethanol Restrictions” tells you about the whole deal going down there.

But while farmers might be happy with Trump, it looks like a park in Scotland is not. For them, the Trump name is something toxic. Turnberry Holiday Park, which lies south of the U.S. president’s golf resort in South Ayrshire, Scotland, said it is considering removing “Turnberry” from its name to counter “the Trump effect.” The statement comes after the static caravan site canvassed the opinions of over 1,000 people and found that 32% were less likely to visit the site because of its name, because Trump owns the nearby Turnberry Golf Resort. The park gets a few thousand vacationers every year, and it’s not too keen on the prospect of losing any because of a perceived affiliation with Trump. A decision on the name change is expected soon.

And I’m sure we’re all aware that people are scared of a whole lot of things—some rational, some totally irrational. But a new study has found that, apparently, Americans most suffer from the fear of … people, or anthrophobia! This was the most searched for phobia online in eleven different states, tying with the fear of spiders, or arachnophobia. Our piece breaks down the biggest phobia in every state and explains the method used to arrive at the findings. And we’ve also got a new poll where you can tell us what your biggest fear is, so be sure to check that out and cast your vote!

Next up is our this day in history piece, which has some pretty stories for you. On this day in 1913, President Woodrow Wilson ordered the blowing up of Gamboa Dike, which marked the last element in the construction of the Panama Canal, which had taken 10 years. And the first incident of aviation terrorism occurred this day … all the way back in 1933! That definitely surprised me. A United Airlines Boeing-247 was blown up in the skies over Chesterton, Indiana. 4 passengers and 3 crew members were killed. No suspect or motive were ever discovered. We’ve also got President Eisenhower apologizing to a Ghanian politician for some restaurant racism, and the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Apparently, not every MMA battle is fought inside the ring. A controversy has broken out following the recent monumental McGregor vs Nurmagomedov fight. Khabib Nurmagomedov won the fight, but he’s been called “a virtuous villain” for his statements at the post-fight press conference where he said “It’s a respect sport; this is not trash-talking sport. This is respectful. <…> I don’t want people to talk (expletive) about opponent, talk (expletive) about father, like religion. You cannot talk about religion, you cannot think about nation. For me, this is very important.” Apparently, that was taken as an attack on American freedom of speech and lots of people have been triggered. It all seems absurd to me. The guy’s from Dagestan—he comes from a different culture and has a different way of thinking. What’s the point of flipping out on him for his broken-English statements? Anyways, head on over to “MMA & Freedom of Speech: America to Nurmagomedov: ‘You Don’t Get to Dictate to Us’” for that whole story.

Well, the Kavanaugh circus is over. He’s on the Court. We learned a lot about him over the past month, but we learned even more about liberals and all their political tactics. From this piece: “We know who pays them, who their mouthpieces are, who is ready to defend their interests at the cost of betrayal, forgery, and falsification of data. We saw that they are ready to do anything just to slow down the Trump train even just a little bit, to delay the hearing, to prolong the illusion of their power. They are ready to violate their own rules and disclose confidential information. They are ready to resort to dirty bureaucratic tricks, bringing out several thousand pages of documents one day before a hearing... They have nothing but disdain for the law. They are ready to resort to false accusations, direct slander, paid protests, bribes...” That about gives you the long and the short of it! “Forgery, Bribery the Main Tools of Liberal Politicians: Confirmed by the ‘Kavanaugh Show’” goes through all of this for you.

Nikki Haley is out, well, she soon will be, as U.S. Ambassador to the UN. I have a good number of friends who are pretty pumped to see this warhawk go. People are speculating that she’s stepping down to focus on running for pres in 2020, but she has said not so. She says she’ll help with Trump’s reelection campaign instead. Trump praised Haley, saying they’ve accomplished great things together. He’s considering a list of five candidates for her replacement, which should be announced in the coming weeks. Find out more about her history and what she’s done as part of  Trump’s administration at our piece on the matter.

Hey, a little tip for you: If you’re going to go rob a bank, don’t take anything with you that will allow cops to identify you. One dude dropped the lottery ticket out of his pocket, and that’s all the cops needed to track him down via gas station surveillance cameras. It’s an entertaining story, so check out “Dropped Lottery Ticket Leads Investigators to Bank Robber.

And it looks like the recycling industry in America has gone down the crapper. We just might be swimming in garbage soon. For instance, “A year ago, a bale of mixed paper was worth about $100 per ton; today we have to pay about $15 to get rid of it," says Richard Coupland, vice president for municipal sales at Phoenix-based Republic Services, which handles 75 million tons of municipal solid waste and 8 million tons of recyclables nationwide annually. "Smaller recycling companies aren't able to stay in business and are shutting down." Cities used to get paid for their recyclables, and now they’re paying hundreds of thousands to get the stuff taken away. This reminds me of the episode of Monk when the garbage men in San Fran go on strike and the garbage starts piling up. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know how hilarious that is!

And Florida’s about to get whacked by Hurricane Michael. He’s no longer Tropical Storm Michael. Get ready Floridians. Give a read to “Monstrous Storm Set to Hit Florida, But Fear Not, the Governor Is Here” for all the important details.

You know, it used to be that people were at least ashamed of their sins and would hide them. They still had that aspect of morality. Now we just flaunt our sins publicly, and one Montanan thought it was a good idea to watch child porn on his phone on a bus. Well, other passengers realized what was going on, and now he’s facing the slammer, thank God. What a piece of crap.

Violence is high in Chicago, and Trump is concerned about stemming it. Stop and frisk practices have been limited in Chicago since 2015, but Trump recently stated that that was precisely the problem. The city made a deal with the ACLU to curb the practice because they found that black people were being disproportionately stopped, but stats show that crime skyrocketed after the limitation was set place. So Trump says bring stop and frisk back. But, of course, there’re plenty of people who think he’s just a moron for saying that. Even in his own administration there isn’t a united voice. Check out “Another Wave of Quarreling Sweeps Through Trump Administration After His Statement on Chicago Stop and Frisk” for all the Trumpy goodness.

And with that, kids, we come to the end of our news. So before wrapping up the whole podcast, here’s your daily preview of tomorrow’s opinion piece.

Tomorrow’s piece was actually written by me, and it takes a look at the Kavanaugh circus, as we called it earlier in this podcast, but not at the facts of the accusations and hearing, but rather at how the American people have been responding. I was prompted to write “The Belligerence of the Left: Anger, Irrationality, and Seared Consciences” after seeing a profanity-laced tweet from Patton Oswalt aimed at Lindsey Graham. It got me thinking about how liberals so often seem to think that the less rational they are and the more emotional they are, the more impressive and inspiring they’ll be. But they just seem like children. Then there was the political cartoon that used Kavanaugh’s ten-year-old daughter as a weapon against him. These people have no respect for anything—but then again, what can you expect from people who systematically torture and kill millions of children every year? My piece goes through several other examples and talks a bit on rationality and the loss of it and what that all means. Be sure to check it out.

And that’ll do it once again for our USA Really daily podcast. As always, I’m Jesse Dominick saying thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


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