New Jersey teacher faces sentence for lewd photos sent to student
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New Jersey teacher faces sentence for lewd photos sent to student


MONTGOMERY TOWNSHIP, New Jersey - October 11, 2018

A New Jersey teacher is accused of having sexually explicitly conversations with and sending nude photos to a 17-year-old student.

According to the police, on October, 4, officials at Montgomery Township High School reported that 29-year-old Michelina Aichele was allegedly exchanging messages with a male student through social media sites and email.

Officials say the student turned over the photos and details of the conversations he had with Aichele over the course of several months.

As it turned out later, the student himself was active in pushing the teacher into intimate conversations.

In particular, he asked Aichele to register on social networks to continue their communication there. The teacher succumbed to the temptation and agreed to the student’s requests. He later asked her to send some explicit photos.

The teacher was arrested October 5 on a charge of endangering the welfare of a child. She was taken to the Somerset County Jail, pending a detention hearing. She faces up to 5 years’ imprisonment.

Perhaps many readers will remember the film The Life of David Gale, where the teacher was condemned for molesting a student. In the film, the couple had mutual sex, after which Gale was accused of sexual violence and was threatened with the death penalty.

The student in the film accused Gale specifically because he refused to give her a passing grade. But now the situation is real, with a young teacher, a young student nearly forcing her to send intimate photos, and the student is not being judged, but the teacher, for giving in

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