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Leftist Lunacy, Gun-Waving Cops, and More Weed Than You’ll Know What to Do With
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Leftist Lunacy, Gun-Waving Cops, and More Weed Than You’ll Know What to Do With


 Welcome everyone to our USA Really daily podcast for October 11. For our repeat listeners, you know the drill, but if this is your first time tuning in, well, I’m Jesse Dominick for USA Really, and this is your chance to get the quick scoop on all the latest news and thought-provoking opinions and reflections that have hit our pages today, especially on issues that the mainstream media might not be so thrilled about covering.

I want to remind you all again about our Global Democracy Award, which is USA Really’s first contest offering. We’re looking for talented and inspired/inspiring authors, poets, filmmakers, and even meme artists who are ready to tackle the thorny matter of the U.S. government’s interference in other countries. We’re offering some serious cash prizes (I’m talking in the thousands!) so definitely check out the contest page for more details, and get us your original work by December 1!

And we now have another way for you to get some cash from USA Really: Do you have any information on peremptorily illegal actions from the U.S. Government and the structures controlled by them that impose censorship in the field of social networks in particular, and the internet in general? Well, USA Really is offering a $5,000 reward if you can send us proof! Find out the background and all the details to this at our article, “Internet Terror in America 2.0: Facebook Removes Users’ Personal Pages.”

And from there, we’re going to go right into today’s opinion piece, which is actually a piece I authored. It takes a look at the Kavanaugh circus, as we’ve called it here before, but not at the facts of the accusations and hearing, but rather at how the American people have been responding. I was prompted to write “The Belligerence of the Left: Anger, Irrationality, and Seared Consciences” after seeing a profanity-laced tweet from Patton Oswalt aimed at Senator Lindsey Graham. It got me thinking about how liberals so often seem to think that the less rational they are and the more emotional they are, the more impressive and inspiring they’ll be. But they just seem like children. Then there was the political cartoon that used Kavanaugh’s ten-year-old daughter as a weapon against him. These people have no respect for anything—but then again, what can you expect from people who systematically torture and kill millions of children every year? They’ve cast aside all rationality and the ability to make reasoned arguments. But rationality is precisely what distinguishes us as humans. My piece goes through several other examples of such behavior and attempts to shed some light on what this all means for you and me, and the nation.

Alright, with that, let’s get right on with the news. Our first piece is about an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease that is going on in Manhattan right now, so if you live there, or if you’re New York-bound, be careful! It looks like 18 have already been infected in what is actually upper Manhattan’s second outbreak of the stuff. Officials are checking out cooling towers to try to find the source of the problem, but so far it remains a mystery.

And a cop in Texas is getting sued by some parents. Why? Seems he pointed a gun at some kids. And why’d he do that? One of the kids made a gun with his fingers and pointed it at the cop! On the surface of it this sounds amazingly absurd. I’m sure there’s more going on here that we’ll try to follow up with. But then again, the officer himself said that the children behaved defiantly and were rude to him, so he took out a gun to calm them down, so that makes him sound braindead. He also noted that if the parents don’t leave him alone, he will countersue them. Lord have mercy!

Hey, more pot news! Seems like there’s a lot of that going around these days. Today we’ve got “Border Patrol Seizes Over $1M Worth of Marijuana Every Day Across Texas”—you heard that right. A million bucks! That’s pretty wild stuff. I wonder what they’re doing with all of it… Maybe we should pass it out to liberals just before election day so they all get too stoned to come out to the polls… This piece has the story of several of these seizures and how much they’re worth individually, so check it out for more details.

As for our this day in history piece, well, it seems that the Mason-Dixon Line was completed on this day in 1767. If you don’t know, that’s the line between PA and MD. This is pretty cool to read about for me, because I grew up in Southern York County, PA, which goes right up to the MD line. I remember going to the Mason Dixon Family Restaurant as a kid with my family, and especially, how cool it was to cross that Mason Dixon Line when I first got my license! We’ve also got the Battle of Valcour Island from the Revolutionary War, the founding of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and a couple other important events for you, so check that out.

Following the one-year anniversary of the mass shooting that targeted an outdoor music festival on the Las Vegas Strip, which ISIS claimed responsibility for, a pro-ISIS media group is circulating an online poster warning of knife attacks at musical events. In the shocking poster – credited to Remah Media – a suited man is seen holding a huge knife behind his back behind a crowd of cheering young music fans. ISIS and other terrorist groups actually have a lot of these kinds of posters that they put out every now and then. It’s very odd to me—when I think of a terrorist I envision uneducated pieces of crap living in poverty in a desert somewhere. Of course, I know that’s not always true, and I know they have a media presence, but still, there’s some kind of disconnect going on here for me. Anyways, there’s a lot more details here, and if you’re planning to go to any concerts, I guess do your best to be careful.

Next up: “Trump administration hatches plan to dramatically limit protesting near White House and Capitol.” Taking into account the increasing internal political polarization and the capabilities and experience of the “Deep State” in organizing mass demonstrations and other actions, including violent ones, the Trump administration is proposing to dramatically limit the right to demonstrate near the White House and on the National Mall. The proposal would close 80% of the White House sidewalk, put new limits on spontaneous demonstrations, and open the door to charging fees for protesting. The problem is there’s court orders about all this that have stood for decades that new rules could end up violating. This piece goes through the pros and cons for you, and you can decide what you think about the matter.

Next up is a USA Really exclusive: an interview with “Finnish journalist Pentti Sainio: ‘Present Foreign Minister Timo Soini has been praying and bowing to the U.S. and NATO for a long time.’” This is a really interesting piece, where USA Really talks with the seasoned journalist about the U.S.’s involvement and influence in Finnish politics. As he explains, American influence in Finnish politics, and especially in security and foreign policy, began to increase in 1992, when Finland bought Hornet-fighters from the U.S., and the Soviet Union had ceased to exist. Co-operations with NATO and the acquisition of arms from the U.S. have deepened the American influence in Finland. There’s also discussion of Finland’s involvement in Afghanistan, where it joined America’s coalition in the war there, and of how much the Finnish public knows about what’s really going on there. Sainio has some great insights, so be sure to check out this piece.

Next up is a pretty sad piece, actually, about mentally ill prisoners who are locked up in solitary confinement. Over half of New Mexico's mentally ill prisoners are kept in isolation, while nationally, 2,000 inmates have been in solitary for over six years. There are several systems that no longer put prisoners in restrictive housing for minor rule violations, and where prison administrators have increased oversight so that decisions to keep prisoners in isolation require high-level approval. And many states are implementing new standards from the American Correctional Association that prohibit putting juveniles into restrictive housing and limit its use for pregnant women and seriously mentally ill prisoners. Many are calling the practice cruel and unusual punishment. Find out more in our piece, “Penitentiary System Madness.”

Our next piece is on a theme that pops up every now and then: female teachers getting freaky with male students. Well, now we have a 29-year-old teacher in New Jersey who had lewd conversations and sent explicit photos to a 17-year-old student. In this case, though, it looks like the student actively lured her into it—he even got her to join various social media networks where they could talk, and he later asked her to send sexual photos. Of course, she’s the adult in the situation and should obviously know better, and now she’s facing up to 5 years’ imprisonment.

And if you send your kid to daycare, be careful—they just might come home with some crack cocaine. At least, that’s what happened to one family in the Bronx. One child gave another a bunch of white capsules and she took them home and showed her parents, but not before she put some in her mouth. Yeah, a 4-year-old was given crack cocaine at daycare and innocently tried some, though thankfully she spat it out. However, it was enough to be detectable later at the hospital. It’s still totally unclear where the coke came from in the first place. The director thinks someone threw it over the fence onto the property. All in all, that is one messed up story.

And there’s always room for one more environmental spat, right? In late 2015, Congress cut a deal to lift 40-year-old restrictions on the export of crude oil. That opened the floodgates. The U.S. sold 230 million more barrels of crude to other countries in the first half of this year than it did in the previous three years—a surge made possible by a virtually identical spike in Permian production. The U.S. just surpassed Russia as the world’s top oil producer. The International Energy Agency predicts that American oil will account for 80% of the growth in global supply over the next seven years. That’s bringing big profits to oil companies as well as lung-searing pollution to places where drilling has skyrocketed, while threatening to exacerbate climate change, and it looks like Texas, where a lot of drilling is going on, just isn’t doing enough to care for the environment. And you know, it doesn’t have to be a liberal issue to care about the environment—God gave us the world to care for it, not to rape and destroy it. Of course, you can go too far and end up practically an earth worshiper, but there has to be that nice healthy balance there somewhere. Anyways, check out, “As oil and gas exports surge, West Texas residents stuck with the consequences.”

And that brings us to the end of our news for today, so, as always, we’re going to give you a preview of what’s to come tomorrow before we sign off for the night.

“As Trump has jettisoned old ways of doing business, allies have worked their way through the initial stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, and depression.” And their only hope is that “Trump’s successor will reclaim Washington’s global leadership role and lay the groundwork to make it politically possible for that to happen.” overall, the world of 2025 will be one of “lopsided multipolarity.” Today’s order isn’t a liberal one (a number of key actors reject liberal ideals), and 2025’s won’t be either. The United States will still be the single most consequential actor on the planet, because no other country will possess the same combination of economic clout, technological sophistication, military might, territorial security, and favorable demography.” And that’s the gist of tomorrow’s piece by John Raven, “Liberalism is dead. Long live liberalism!” Be sure to keep an eye out for that tomorrow!

And that’ll do it once again for our USA Really daily podcast. As always, I’m Jesse Dominick saying thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.

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