Global Democracy Award: The Dictatorship Of Democracy
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Global Democracy Award: The Dictatorship Of Democracy


USA Really presents the poem applied for The Global Democracy Award (The Nathanael West nominee).

The Dictatorship Of Democracy

Democracy, what a glorious word that’s been oh so badly distorted!

The yearnings of so many, but it becomes nightmarish when it’s exported.

The salt of the earth, the grassroots, and sons and daughters of the country

Are supposed to be the ones that bring democracy to the people for free.

No one should ever be paid for this service, no hands should ever exchange money

But Soros and his Foundation ruined that by defiling democracy’s memory.

What used to be pure and unadulterated has now turned into a weapon

That exploits people’s desires as a form of Hybrid War aggression.

Who doesn’t want to vote for their leaders and keep them accountable?

No one can stand in the way of the people’s will, it’s insurmountable!

But what happens when protesters turn into mobs and mobs turn into rioters?

Demagoguery drowns out the voice of democracy, which just becomes quieter and quieter.

The dream of so many can be ruined by so few

When the power of the people is abused to carry out a foreign-backed coup.

Democracy turns into dictatorship whenever America gets involved

But keep America out of it and everything goes well, problem solved!


Author: Andrew Korybko