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German scientists report on health value of beer
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German scientists report on health value of beer


Erlangen, Germany – October 12, 2018

Researchers from the German Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg have found that the two substances that make up beer have a positive impact on human health. The study is published on the university’s website.

According to the report, there is a healthy chemical compound of xanthohumol and bitter ISO-alpha acids contained in hops.

The group of scientists found that xanthohumol is able to destroy cancer cells in the liver and prevent obesity and tissue scarring.

It is also reported that bitter ISO-alpha acids can restrain the development of liver lesions, have a positive effect on glucose metabolism, and may diminish lactic acid accumulation.

According to the scientists, subsequent research should further show how these substances can help in the treatment of obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

However, the scientists have warned that the presence of alcohol destroys the benefits, thus only non-alcoholic beer and other products containing hops can be beneficial.

Author: USA Really