NY's Veterinarians Warn about Dog Flu Spreading in Brooklyn and Manhattan
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NY's Veterinarians Warn about Dog Flu Spreading in Brooklyn and Manhattan



Experts say the H3N2 virus has stricken about 500 dogs on the West Coast this year and is believed to be making its way east. Since April, more then 30 cases of dog influenza have been reported in Brooklyn, and few cases have been reported in Manhattan.

The owner of one of the infected dogs, Dominick Forte, described how his pet has been coughing for about a week. He now plans to take her to the vet for testing for the dog flu. He noted that before this he had never heard of the canine flu.

“She's been coughing, clearing her throat, a lot of sneezing,” Forte said.

Dr. Maxim Lotovsky says it's important to know the symptoms and come to the clinic in time.

“The disease can be fatal if not treated appropriately,” he said. “So if your dog seems lethargic, is starting to lose an appetite, and is starting to cough, definitely bring them in. The earlier you get them in, the better a chance we have to rescue your dog.”

He added that if a dog goes to the groomers often, and kennels and “you are mildly suspicious, come in and do a vaccine.”

It doesn't' seem very likely that the disease can be transmitted to people this possibility hasn't yet been ruled out. Experts say it can live on our hands and clothes for up to 24 hours.

It's easily spread from dog to dog, however, especially if they share balls or bowls of water.

The dog flu is a respiratory disease that is easily spread among dogs, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Symptoms are similar to what humans have when infected with the flu, including coughing, runny nose, and fever. However, some dogs can suffer and die of pneumonia.

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