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Facebook Purges and New Yorkers Pee on the Pres
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Facebook Purges and New Yorkers Pee on the Pres


Aaaaand, we’re back again from another wonderful weekend. Welcome to our USA Really daily podcast for October 15. I hope the weather has been treating you as well as it has been us—we’ve had some golden autumn days. This podcast is your chance to get a quick hit of all the news and opinion pieces we’ve posted today, in which we strive to bring you real stories from real Americans, that the mainstream media doesn’t always want to cover.

I want to remind you all again about our Global Democracy Award, where we’re looking for talented authors, poets, filmmakers, and even meme artists can produce original material on the issue of the U.S. government’s interference in other countries. If we like your stuff you could walk away with a cool few thousand bucks, so definitely check out the contest page for more details, and get us your original work by December 1!

Have you been banned from Facebook? Over 800 groups and accounts were given the axe recently—interestingly, representing both left and right-wing points of view. Many of the pages were dedicated to monitoring police activity. And moreover, most of the pages were totally legit. But against this background, do you have any information on illegal actions from the U.S. government and the structures controlled by them that impose censorship in the field of social networks in particular, and the internet in general? Well, USA Really is looking to file a collective lawsuit against Facebook and is also offering a $5,000 reward if you can send us proof of these illegal actions! Find out more at our new piece “Global Facebook Purge” and the page “Zuckerberg Wanted.”

USA Really has brought you a ton of good news articles over the weekend, that we’re going to take a look at. But as per the uzh, we’re going to kick things off with a look at our opinion piece for today.

Today’s piece is a ton of fun. It’s light hearted but also informative. “United States of Absurdity” by Pradeep Banerjee gives you the rundown on some silly laws that have managed to stay on the books in every state. For instance, Oklahoma still believes that there is a communist conspiracy going on to overthrow the US government, and in Tennessee school kids cannot hold hands as the law considers it a gateway" to sexual activity. Confetti is banned as a public safety hazard in Alabama, and in Alaska you can’t get drunk in a bar. I mean, that’s a wise law—but what else are bars for? In Missouri, if a bull or ram over the age of one year runs rampant for more than 3 days, it can be castrated. Thank God I’m not a wild bull in Missoura! In North Carolina, a game of bingo can’t last longer than 5 hours. That’s just hilarious that they would even have a law about it. Well, there’s plenty more where that came from, so definitely check out this amazing piece.

Well, we all know that true freedom of speech is under attack in America from the Left, and here’s another example of it for you. It seems a North Carolina high school student was kicked out of a football game for the “Trump 45” jersey he was wearing—‘cause, you know, God forbid anyone actually appreciate our president! But, the principal who drove the student out has been fired, so there’s that to be grateful for. It seems the school was throwing a “USA Night” event at the football game, with everything invited to wear patriotic colors, so Matthew Collins wore a jersey with sleeves resembling the American flag, with the player’s name as “Trump” and his number 45. Apparently the principal caved to pressure from whining adults (well, I guess if they can’t even stand to see Trump’s name, they are aren’t really adults) and asked Collins to change his shirt or leave, and he chose the latter. This piece gives you the full story in Collins’ own words, so be sure to check out this lil’ slice of injustice.

And, as always, we bring you the most important events of the day in history. Construction on the White House began on October 13, 1792, and the Chicago Cubs defeated the Detroit Tigers in the World Series on October 14, 1908—the second World Series victory in a row for the Cubs.

And while we’re on that theme, let’s jump to the this day in history piece for today. On this day in 1863, the second H. L. Hunley sub incident went down. It seems it’s the Confederates who deserve the credit for inventing the first military submarine. The H. L. Hunley, built in Mobile, Alabama, was the first sub built and the first built to sink an enemy vessel. It itself was also sunk three times, the second of which took place this day. The famous moratorium to end the Vietnam War took place this day in 1969, too. The moratorium was a visible success. Millions of Americans took part in it, as well as millions of people from all around the world who supported them with their own rallies. With 100,000 people attending a speech of the anti-war Democratic Senator George McGovern, Boston was one of the main sites of the protests. Staying in that same counter-cultural milieu, the Black Panthers were formed this day in 1966. Having not been alive in the 60s, for me, the Black Panthers means Forrest Gump beating the snot out of some a-hole who hit Jenny. As always, we’ve got more details and more events for you, so be sure to check that out.

In some rather unfortunate news, a #MeToo rally attendant was raped just hours after the rally. Of course, we might say the movement is a bit unhinged, but we would never wish this upon anyone. 22-year-old Zachary Alperin, a Missouri State University student has been charged with second-degree rape and sodomy, carrying a possible 7-year prison sentence. If you want more details, our piece, “#MeToo rally attendant raped hours after rally” has them for you.

Our next piece has a video showing a liberal protester at the Trump rally in Pennsylvania telling a woman that if he wanted to, he would throw her on the ground and rape her. You can just feel the peace that radiates from liberals, can’t you? She’s a so-called libertarian gun rights activist who rose to prominence in May-June 2018 with her several pro-gun tweets and constant belittling of Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg, mainly through her Twitter account. And in the eyes of liberals, that’s all that’s necessary to viciously attack her! Get more background and check out the video at our piece on the incident.

And in a rather disturbing story, five doctors are accused of selling drugs and causing several deaths in New York. If we can’t even trust doctors to treat our ailments, never knowing if they are just out for themselves, then that’s really kinda scary. The suspects here set up the trade of millions of oxycodone pills which earned them huge amounts of cash. The criminals from Manhattan, Queens, Westchester County, and Staten Island now face from 10 years to life. Neighbors say noisy crowds of pill-seeking patients often gathered outside the office of one and them. Several deaths from drug overdoses were recorded, but the doctor didn't stop prescribing banned substances to his so-called patients. You know what they say—the love of money is the root of all evil. Get all the nitty gritty in our article.

You know, plenty of people are hatin’ on Trump for his tough stance on immigration, and I’m no expert—maybe there’s room for legitimate concerns, but dang, there’s no denying that he’s catching tons of garbage people that are trying to cross (not to say that everyone crossing is garbage). Now, border agents in Texas have arrested three sex offenders in two days, one of whom had been jailed in Dallas. According to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials, all three men, whose names were not released, had previously been deported from the U.S. after child molestation convictions. Thank God for border patrol!

But if you enjoy hating on Trump, you’ll definitely be tickled by our next piece: “’Pee On Me’ Trump Busts Pop Up Across Brooklyn.” Yeah, I mean, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s these tiny busts of Trump sitting on sections of astroturf, with a sign on it that says “Pee on me.” I guess people are supposed to stop and have their dogs take a leak on the president. The astroturf is even sprayed with some chemical that attracts dogs. And let’s be honest, with liberals these days, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if people peed on him too, right there in public. The “artist,” if you can call him that, says it was cathartic for him to express his disdain for Trump this way. What a douche.

Then we’ve got your daily dose of sports. There’s a bright new start shining in the NHL constellation, and his name is Andrei Svechnikov from the Carolina Hurricanes. He’s helping the Hurricanes really rock some socks this season. They’ve won four of their first six games this season, even though they’ve basically stunk for the past decade. Basically, Svechnikov was the man in the Ontario Hockey League last season, so the Hurricanes made sure to bring him up to the big time. “When I was growing up, this was my dream, to score the first goal in the NHL and now that I scored, I’m super happy,” Svechnikov said in an interview. “We want to just do our jobs, listen to our coach, and win every game.” Find out more about this big hit at “NHL’s New Bright, Young Star Leading Carolina Hurricanes to Their First Post-Season in a Decade.”

And that’ll do it once again for our USA Really daily podcast. We hope you enjoyed this quick rundown and found it useful. As always, thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


Author: USA Really