Tom Delonge’s UFO-Hunting Organization Reportedly $37 Million in Debt
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Tom Delonge’s UFO-Hunting Organization Reportedly $37 Million in Debt


NEW YORK – October 16, 2018

Former Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge got involved in a shady UFO conspiracy business, where for a few hundred bucks, people who are afraid of aliens could learn "the truth" that “they” (the government) do not want you to know. But now his “academy” for UFO studies has reportedly racked up a deficit of over $37 million.

The To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences aims to make “transformative discoveries… that will revolutionize the human experience.”

DeLonge, its President and CEO, has spoken in the past about extraterrestrial life and government “mind-control experiments.”

But now, according to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the Academy has “incurred losses from operations,” and it “has an accumulated deficit… of $37,432,000.”

“These factors,” the filing continues, “raise doubt about the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”

DeLonge was one of the founders of Blink-182 in 1992. The Californian rock group’s irreverent humor saw them sell over 50 million copies of the six albums they made with him as lead guitarist and singer.

DeLonge ultimately quit in 2015 to move into full-time extraterrestrial research.

His books, including the ongoing Sekret Machines series, are ambiguously billed as fiction and “all too real”.

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