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Trump Weathers the Stormy Daniels Storm, but What About Alec Baldwin’s Calls for a Governmental Overthrow?!
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Trump Weathers the Stormy Daniels Storm, but What About Alec Baldwin’s Calls for a Governmental Overthrow?!


Hello and welcome to our USA Really daily podcast for October 16. This podcast is your chance to get a quick hit of all the news and opinion pieces we’ve posted today, in which we strive to bring you real stories from real Americans that the mainstream media doesn’t always want to cover.

I want to remind you all again about our Global Democracy Award, where we’re looking for talented authors, poets, filmmakers, and even meme artists can produce original material on the issue of the U.S. government’s interference in other countries. If we like your stuff you could walk away with a cool few thousand bucks, so definitely check out the contest page for more details, and get us your original work by December 1!

Have you been banned from Facebook? Over 800 groups and accounts were given the axe recently—interestingly, representing both left and right-wing points of view. Many of the pages were dedicated to monitoring police activity. And moreover, most of the pages were totally legit. But against this background, do you have any information on illegal actions from the U.S. government and the structures controlled by them that impose censorship in the field of social networks in particular, and the internet in general? Well, USA Really is looking to file a collective lawsuit against Facebook and is also offering a $5,000 reward if you can send us proof of these illegal actions! Find out more at our new piece “Global Facebook Purge” and the page “Zuckerberg Wanted.”

Actually, we’re going to kick things off today with another piece that was submitted for our Global Democracy Award. This one’s coming to you from Andrew Korybko, and was submitted for the Aldous Huxley “Future Intervention Prediction” Award. Andrew’s piece, “The United States vs. America,” argues that instead of wondering which country the US will invade next, the world should open its eyes to the ongoing socio-cultural invasion of America by the Liberal-Globalist faction of the country’s “deep state” that’s been waging Hybrid War on its own people for decades now. Really gives you the warm and fuzzies, doesn’t it? But then again, reality isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Andrew makes an interesting distinction. He says, “There’s always a lot of speculation about which country the US is going to invade next, but the very framing of that question itself is inaccurate because it presumes that the United States and America are always the same thing and that there’s no conflict between either. That’s not exactly true since the United States refers to the country as a whole in reference to the collection of 50 separate states under the control of a single federal government while America describes the diverse socio-cultural traditions of the country’s people.” The rest of the piece dives into that whole paradigm for you. I found it both entertaining and enlightening, and I hope you will too.

As for our this day in history piece, well everyone’s favorite children’s movie company was founded this day in 1923—that’s right, the Walt Disney Co. Hilariously, the first character was actually Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, which sounds horrible. When the Disney brothers lost legal rights to Oswald, they busted out Mickey Mouse instead, and thank God for that! Also, in 1869, archaeologists discovered a giant! Or did they? Well, check out the piece to find out what the heck we’re talking about. And in 1968, there was that famous black power salute from the Olympics this day. I think basically anyone is familiar with that picture.

Our first news piece hits home from USA Really: “Richard Pinedo’s Six Month Sentence as Inglorious End to Mueller Probe,” brings you the story of a guy who was sentenced to serve six months in prison for selling private citizens’ bank account numbers, followed by six months of home confinement, and he was ordered to complete 100 hours of community service. Pinedo was part of the Mueller investigation against Russia, and there’s a whole convoluted story try to connect him to all things Russia, to the Internet Research Agency, which is supposed to be the big bad wolf of Russia, and from there, they rope in USA Really, which is supposedly connected to the agency, although no evidence of that has been found—because no evidence of it exists—because it’s not true. But this story is pretty wild and is sure to entertain, so make sure to check that out.

It looks like we could be preparing for another immigration showdown: More than 1,500 Hondurans, including women with babies, left their homes hoping to cross the US border, even after the White House called on Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández to halt mass migration. How will the administration respond? No matter what they do, it’s sure to set off a media firestorm. That’s just the way things go in America, right? "I believe we'll get to the United States. There's no work in Honduras, and you live in fear that they're going to kill you or your children," said Fanny Barahona, 35, an unemployed teacher who was walking with her nine-year-old son and carrying a two-year-old daughter. Whatever happens, you have to hope that families like this can find a peaceful life.

We haven’t heard much about Stormy Daniels lately. I guess she played her part and then faded back into obscurity. The country and her creepy porn lawyer have moved on to bigger and better things. But, there is some Stormy news today—a judge has ruled in favor of President Trump in Daniels’ defamation suit against him, and ordered that she pay his lawyer fees—not that he needs it. Get more of that story, and the judge’s full decision in our piece, “Donald Trump Beats Stormy Daniels Defamation Lawsuit.” The only question is, what will the next attack on Trump be?

And it looks like the transgender animal community is growing in California. Uhhhhh, what? Yeah, you heard me correctly.  The transgender animal community. Lord, humanity is so messed up. Tony McGinn, known as “Tony Bark” to his friends, says he has been into animal role-play his entire life and refers to himself as a “human pup.” It started when he met his future husband. The 30-year-old, who was born female and is transgender, is supported by his husband and “handler” Andrew who accompanies him to regular play dates with other role-players in their hometown of Los Angeles. Every time I think it’s impossible to imagine something more degenerate, well, that more degenerate thing comes along. "A lot of little kids like to play like they're a dog and most of them grow out of it. I just never grew out of that," he explains. "And now in my adult life, in my relationships, it's a way for me to feel vulnerable and exposed and close to my partner. It's a very intimate thing.” How sick and deranged do you have to be to pretend to be an animal just to enjoy some companionship?

And hey, what ever happened to Blink 182? Remember them? What’s my age again? I had a lot of friends in high school who were into them, and bands like that, although I was always into the jamband scene rather than the punk scene. Apparently Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge quit the band in 2015 to move into full-time extraterrestrial research. That’s. Just. Amazing. How is that a living? But I guess whatever floats your boat. But anyways, his “academy” for UFO studies has reportedly racked up a deficit of over $37 million. That sucks. I hope he still has his Blink 182 fortune leftover.

Alec, Alec, Alec. Oh, Alec Baldwin. I mean, his Trump impression was funny once or twice, but now it’s just overkill, and anyways, the real Trump is more entertaining. And SNL is full of political morons. But anyhoo, Baldwin showed up in New Hampshire lately to call on the people to “overthrow” the government! So rebellious! But how did he say they should do it? By voting … not nearly as exciting of a read. "The way we implement change in America is through elections. We change governments here at home in an orderly and formal way," he said. "In that orderly and formal way and lawful way, we need to overthrow the government of the United States under Donald Trump." "Let's make America great again by making Donald trump a casino operator again," Baldwin said, parodying the President's slogan, adding that he wakes up every morning “in horror” because Trump is still the President. Liberals love to just admit that they are pathetic.

Next up, a bunch of Brooklyn school students suffered some serious eye injuries after making contact with an unknown chemical. One kid even went blind. He was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, but his corneas were already too messed up, and he won’t be seeing again. There’s few details as of now. What the heck happened? We dunno, but what there is to know, we have for you in this piece.

Our last piece is pretty disheartening in one way, but uplifting in another. 65-year-old Kirby Evans bravely faced down a battle with skin cancer. He survived, but unfortunately he lost his nose and his left eye. As you can imagine, his face is disfigured, but he continues to live his life. There’s a local café he goes to often, but one day, the manager decided to summon him into her office and ask him to cover his face or leave, because he was “scaring customers.” I mean, I get it—he’s not a pretty sight, but this is a human being! And a loyal customer to boot. The man was hurt pretty badly. But hey, this man isn’t ashamed of how he looks. His true humanity shines through. Well, “Noseless Man Asked to Cover His Face to Not Frighten Others” has the full scoop for you.

And that’ll do it once again for our USA Really daily podcast. We hope you enjoyed this quick rundown and found it useful. As always, thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


Author: USA Really