Why Does Netflix Animation Propagate Perversion Among Kids?
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Why Does Netflix Animation Propagate Perversion Among Kids?


It’s often said that kids are brought up by what they watch, and it’s definitely true. No matter how hard parents try, they can’t control what their kids are doing 24/7.

This generation of kids is being raised by social media, videos on Youtube, and they learn to communicate with their peers online from their earliest years. Thus, they, in turn, automatically trust what they see, since the screen soon becomes one of their best friends. Unfortunately, sometimes they encounter terrible and savage things there. 

Much inappropriate content can even be found in children’s cartoons now, as some companies and services even propagate perversion among children. Netflix Animation has become notorious in this respect.

As said in one episode of the cartoon Big Mouth 2, “being comfortable in your body is beautiful.” There is not that much wrong with this phrase, except: The children watching are hearing it from the mouths of naked dancing ladies, showing ugly scars on their bodies, unshaved body parts, with their chests hanging out. 

Apart from esthetic considerations here with this triumph of postmodernity, there’s a much better question that could be asked: Should 11-year-olds be exposed to such disgusting content?

Big Mouth, which, to be honest, is marked as an “adult cartoon” so as to avoid any judicial problems, is still aired on Netflix among other kids’ cartoons while its known for showing explicithomosexual acts (between kids!), propagating pedophilia and forcing kids to think about “what their real gender is,” as well as “talking to their genitals.”

Most children would feel uncomfortable and unsafe watching such material, simply because of the severe cognitive dissonance of having cartoon children portraying and discussing such adult themes.

One Big Mouth character says, “Kids, if you’re gonna do drugs... listen to music while you’re high. It’s really the best. Oh, and make grilled cheese sandwiches in a buttery pan on the stove. Holy shit, I’m gonna get high and some make grilled cheese sandwiches right now…”

Apparently the creators of this cartoon have no problem with illegal drugs. Such moral rot this cartoon pushes! 

Why is this still on the air? Who promotes it? Who let this happen?

According to teacher, writer and Ph.D. David Hilton, “western societies, and America in particular, have been experiencing a multi-decade moral subversion which has been carried out intentionally and strategically…”

The creators of Big Mouth, and thus those responsible for the moral decay in children that comes from watching it, are the writers and comedians Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett.

Author: USA Really