Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Reveal the “Red Face” of the “Ugly American”
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Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Reveal the “Red Face” of the “Ugly American”


Judge Brett Kavanaugh, nominated by Donald Trump for the Supreme Court, was expected to go through the formal confirmation process with few difficulties.  This definitely not been the case. The revelations of his teen years have proved more an opening of the door to the psyche of the American system as a whole.

Being a judge is a long road, some US judges are elected others political appointements but each new Supreme Court nomination arouses public comment from predictable quarters. But no one expected the circus the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings to have turned into a three ring political circus.

To cut to the chase, what transpired was a job interview and Kavanaugh blew it. That's great. But there was never any proof offered as to his sexual exploits, and that matters. It matters a great deal to the people who don't agree with what likely happened when he was 17-years old. 

In the US, the concept of "moral character" in public officials is very important, despite the behaviour of its current president and some of his predecessors. For example, fellow lawyer Bruce Babbit sought the Democratic nomination for president in 1988, but dropped out after he admitted he had once smoked marijuana - not because he had broken the law, but because this represented a "character flaw" then considered unacceptable in a senior politician.

If the allegations against Kavanaugh are true, he is not a fit and proper person to be appointed to the Supreme Court, regardless of his legal ability and impartiality, or acceptable partiality, as a judge. His friends know that as much as his enemies. The US has been divided over this issue. But this says rather more than either one side or the other would like to admit to. It is what that country has become, and the danger this represents to the country and the world as a whole.

Already he did enough damage at home already, especially to the Republican Party and Donald Trump. One of the main reasons, one that is not mentioned, that we shouldn't have had a Kavanaugh nominated was that he helped draft the Patriot Act. He helped to shred the 4th amendment (unreasonable search and seizure, and to be secure in one’s papers).  This has nothing to do with his 17-year old hormone driven high school boy. It is good that he had not the opportunity shred the rest of the amendments.

He said, he said

Naturally Kavanaugh and his supporters still insist that all the allegations are untrue. But that is all a moot issue now.  Why did we not hear about all of this before? But still his supporter cry over spilt milk there is no evidence to support them. It was too easy to say his accusers are not credible, as they waited so long before saying anything, and that the whole ordeal; is another Democratic plot, fabricated because the opposition has no professional grounds for objecting to his nomination.

We may never know the whole truth about these allegations, and don’t want to know.  Most people are temperamentally predisposed to take one side or the other. But the interesting thing is not that different people want to believe different things, but how the two sides have divided up.

We would expect Republicans to be on one side, even if reluctantly, and Democrats to be mostly on the other. But in fact the divide runs between two Americas: the official and unofficial ones. But it is difficult to know one from the other because of mass media outlets such as Fox News and the National Review, whose "independent" take on things always seems to coincide with what the political leaders of the day are saying

Kavanaugh acted so guilty about a lot of other things, and for at least some of them, there probably would have been a reasonable explanation if he hadn't been in this mode of "you're traitors and it gives me the right to evade your questions."

I'm not sure what to make of that.  It does appear that his qualifications were not at stake but the policy that brought him for consideration in the first place, the effort to roll back settled law of a vast array of topics, including abortion rights.

He does appear to be a pretty generic conservative, if he drops out, the better for the Republican Party as he turned into a red flag even for those who were holding a neutral position on various passionate issues. His confirmation hearings also confirm what most on any jury would have thought, a pro se defendant trying to get himself off, and have a fool for a client.

His opponents were labelled a cross section of survivors, malcontents, minority rights advocates and disgruntled citizenry: people who feel that a better lot is their birthright, but it has been stolen from them by political leaders who do not listen to or care about them.

But despite the inadequate quality of evidence, the US mainstream news media, its politicians and millions of individual Americans insisted that a lie must be true if the US said so, because the US is the greatest and most decent country on earth—and that is the biggest lie of them all.

The Kavanaugh case isn't going to go away; it will be discussed and quoted in the future, as it shows just how ugly is the current system of government, and how such person can be considered for such a high and trusted position in the first place.

As Seth Ferris of Veterans Today write, “During the Cold War the US routinely poked fun at Soviet propaganda which gave a false impression of what life was really like in Eastern Bloc countries. It stated that those who spouted such things were only doing so because they were scared of facing reality.”

We are all in for a very bumpy ride when the American public wakes up to the fact that the Soviet Union won the Cold War, by turning the US into everything the Soviet Union once was - and that all US allies have known this for a long time, but they didn't, and now can’t do anything about it.

As one pundit wrote to the author, “The hearings were either an emotional outburst or a very talented political operative reading the first half of a suicide note someone else wrote for him.

He made himself look totally capable of rape and more. I am ever reminded of the advice of Eddie Murphy, who said that, when you get caught, no matter how bad you got caught, just keep saying, "Wasn't me."

Author: Jeffrey Silverman