Nevada GOP Primary Winner Dennis Hof Found Dead at Love Ranch Vegas
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Nevada GOP Primary Winner Dennis Hof Found Dead at Love Ranch Vegas


CARSON CITY, NEVADA – October 17, 2018

Dennis Hof died at his Love Ranch Vegas on Tuesday, following a campaign rally whose guests included conservative Grover Norquist and porn star Ron Jeremy, according to reports.

Hof, the 72-year-old GOP Nevada legislature hopeful, “went to sleep last night and didn’t wake up,” Nye County spokesman Arnold Knightly told the Reno Gazette Journal.

“I just confirmed with Nye County sheriff’s deputy that Dennis Hof passed away this morning. No other details at this point. I’m heading out to Love Ranch Vegas now,” tweeted his campaign manager, Chuck Muth, referring to the house where Hof reposed.

His body was discovered shortly before 11 AM and there were no signs of foul play, officials said.

Hof was running for the Nevada Assembly and seemed in good spirits during a Monday night campaign rally, according to Muth.

“We had a wonderful event last night. He was having the time of his life last night. Grover Norquist was there. Ron Jeremy was there. He was given a rescue dog as a birthday present. He was having the time of his life,” Muth told the Gazette Journal.

Hof shocked political observers last summer when he bested the Republican incumbent in the state primaries for the southern Nevada district.

Due to Nevada election law, he’ll still be listed on the ballot in November, but signs will be posted at polling places in the district alerting voters that he’s dead.

If he manages to win from beyond the grave, the seat would be considered vacant, Nevada Deputy Secretary of State for Elections Wayne Thorley told the Gazette Journal.

In September, Hof was accused of sexual assault, USA Really reported.

Author: USA Really