Will the Fed Burst the Biggest Bubble of All Time?
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Will the Fed Burst the Biggest Bubble of All Time?


NEW YORK – October 17, 2018

We have previously written that there is a continuing war in the US between the elite groups behind Trump and the elite groups defending the interests of international financiers.

Decades-long Power and influence are at stake, which means that nothing is prohibited and principle is beyond violation in order to achieve the goal. They’re well aware that an economic crisis is rapidly approaching. All of them know that as a result of this crisis, one of the groups will cease to exist and that there is no good way out of this situation. 

The only difference between these groups is that so-called patriotic Americans want to save the American economy by destroying the global dollar system but the so-called globalist establishment (international financiers) wants to save the international financial system at the expense of the US economy. The liberal forces, mainly Democrats, though not necessarily, understand that they are losing this battle. They are constantly trying to fix Trumps’ wagon.

We previously wrote that as a last resort, globalists (international financiers) could trigger a global economic crisis and destroy the US economy to regain power.

According to some experts, after several rounds of raising Fed rates, when we face a slipping economy and weakening markets, liberals will blame Trump for everything, and the conservatives will begin to defend him, calling the economy a victim of federal intervention. This will lead to a strong division in society and destroy the American infrastructure, but will allow the international financial elites to regain power.

Increased levels of corporate debt can increase concerns about financial stability and affect investment. Following the global financial crisis, corporate debt — and in some countries, foreign currency debt — is growing rapidly, increasing the vulnerability of corporations to higher borrowing costs.

It seems this is the main scenario for international financiers.

Jerome Powell, the 16th and current Chairman of the Federal Reserve, made a truly staggering admission during a Q&A session follow the Fed’s last meeting that the Fed is going to “hike rates until something breaks.” And when I say “breaks” I don’t mean stocks fall 5%; I’m talking about a full-scale crisis like 2008.

Fed Chair Powell is stating that the Fed won’t stop hiking rates unless stocks collapse for a prolonged period to the point that it impacts consumer spending.

We’re not talking about a garden variety stock market correction here, we’re talking about a financial crisis or some other event dramatic enough that it catches the attention of the average American and makes him or her change his or her spending plans.

In picture form, Jerome Powell won’t even bat an eye at drops like these:

Will the Fed Burst the Biggest Bubble of All Time?

He’s going to hike rates until stocks do something like this:

Will the Fed Burst the Biggest Bubble of All Time?

What does this mean?

The Fed is going to hike until something BREAKS. And that “something” is the Everything Bubble.

If you aren’t actively taking steps to prepare for this, you need to start NOW.

On that note, we are offering a FREE investment report outlining when the bubble will burst as well as what investments will pay out massive returns to investors when it happens. It’s called The Biggest Bubble of All Time (and three investment strategies to profit from it).

There doesn’t seem to be a good script for the US economy to follow anymore. The Feds and their allies will continue their interest rate game, which will trigger higher rates for credit cards, home equity loans, and other kinds of borrowing, and will crush the US stock market in the coming year, and, finally, shock the public by withdrawing from the financial stupor.

Author: USA Really