The case of the leaks: How American elite “catch” themselves
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The case of the leaks: How American elite “catch” themselves


WASHINGTON – October 19, 2018

The “witch hunt” against so-called “Russian interference into the Presidential campaign of 2016” initiated by the American elite couldn’t lead to anything else than to the appearance of a political Ouroboros. 

Just take a look at the typical situation within Mueller’s Commission investigation, where you accuse one person, and it suddenly comes out that another should be accused too, but this other person has close ties with … a member of the very same Mueller Commission! A couple of days ago, for instance, U.S. Treasury employee Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards was accused of “leaking media secret information about suspicious financial transactions related to Paul Manafort and to Russians,”which is quite a serious accusation; Edwards could be facingseveral years in prison if convicted. 

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said in an official statement: 

Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, a senior-level FinCEN employee, allegedly betrayed her position of trust by repeatedly disclosing highly sensitive information contained in Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) to an individual not authorized to receive them.  SARs, which are filed confidentially by banks and other financial institutions to alert law enforcement to potentially illegal transactions, are not public documents, and it is an independent federal crime to disclose them outside of one’s official duties.  We hope today’s charges remind those in positions of trust within government agencies that the unlawful sharing of sensitive documents will not be tolerated and will be met with swift justice by this Office.

Yet, the internet remembers everything, and as it turns out, about six months ago Edwards was interviewed by LGBT activist, son of prominent director Woody Allen, lawyer, and journalist Ronan Farrow — the “media killer,” who annihilated Harvey Weinstein’s reputation and also published information pertaining to the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. There certainly is no doubt Farrow is helping Mueller’s Commission, but what is truly strange about this case is that Farrow let Edwards state the following words (and then published them!):

“I immediately became concerned [about ‘missing’ records]. That’s why I came forward…”

So, if Farrow himself is a “justice warrior,” willing to help his country tackle “the leaking of secret information,” why did he let Edwards say she wasn’t a “betrayer,” and light her up as a “whistleblower”? Despite the fact that these accusations of Edwards are probably phony, what was Farrow’s logic, since he should have known who he was interviewing? Moreover, if we do consider these accusations just, we should also take into account who Edwards’s boss was— who should also be directly responsible for the leak. And, looking at the FinCEN structure, we learn that Natalie Edwards’ boss was Thomas Ott, who, in turn, worked with Andrew Weismann, who was appointed to the special council team headed by Robert Mueller back in June 2017. 

So, knowing how rumors spread (and they do so quickly), we should accuse Mr. Weismann of co-conspiring in the case of Ms. Edwards! Yet, we can’t, since he on the commission that is now investigating “Russian interference into the U.S. Presidential election.” We should check out the ties between Weismann and Edwards, or…we can just give up the “witch hunt.”Unfortunately, this is probably not something the Washington establishment and “war hawks” are looking for.  

Author: USA Really