GOP Closing in on Clinton-Democrat Roots of Russiagate (Part II)
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GOP Closing in on Clinton-Democrat Roots of Russiagate (Part II)


In Part I of this story, we reported on a very extensive piece in The Washington Times written by Rowan Scarborough, which described the Republican-led House committees who are investigating the connections between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the unceasing stream of allegations that Donald Trump's campaign was somehow involved in a collusion with agencies within the Russian Federation to influence the outcome of the 2016 Presidential elections.

This recent report fingered the fact that Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson went from a cooperative role in the interview to taking the Fifth Amendment and refusing to obey a House-issued subpoena. Speculation began to rise that this is because his prior interviews have been found disingenuous. We resume the report with heavy referencing to The Washington Times piece, with emphasis added:

The House intelligence committee’s majority Republican final report stated that “the political origins of the Steele dossier were then known to senior DoJ and FBI officials” in   October 2016. That was when agents used it to secure a court-approved wiretap on a Trump volunteer. Justice invoked the dossier three more times for a year’s wroth of wiretaps and never told the approving judge that it was Democratic Party research on Mr. Trump.

Now, Republicans are questioning Mr. Simpson’s veracity. Some examples:

He told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he had no anti-Trump clients after the election.

But Republicans unearthed a 2017 FBI interview report with Daniel Jones, a former staffer of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat. Mr. Jones runs an opposition research firm called Penn Quarter. He told the FBI that he raised $50 million from wealthy donors to investigate Mr. Trump. One of the firms he hired, he said, was Fusion GPS. He said he also hired dossier writer Mr. Steele.

If Mr. Jones is accurate, then Mr. Simpson did have an anti-Trump client after the election.

⦁ Mr. Simpson told the same committee last year that he reached no conclusions on a shaky accusation that the Trump campaign maintained a direct link to Russia’s Kremlin-linked Alfa Bank via a dedicated computer server.

Cyberspace specialists say the server wasn’t for Russia. The server address placed  it near Philadelphia as a conduit for spam hotel marketing, not Russia collusion.

The Washington Times reported that Mr. Ohr’s notes show that Mr. Simpson did in fact have an opinion on the server and tried to sell it to Justice. Mr. Simpson told him in 2016 that the server was indeed used for Trump-Russia communication and wasn’t spam.

⦁ The Daily Caller reported that Mr. Simpson told Mr. Ohr that a Washington lawyer had warned the National Rifle Association about illegal Russian donations to its political action committee.

The lawyer, Cleta Mitchell, says she never made such a statement and has not worked for the NRA in years. Ms. Mitchell, who practices political law and has represented Republican election committees, said Mr. Simpson violated federal law by providing the Justice Department with bogus information.

She told The Daily Caller that she had wondered who gave the allegations to McClatchy News Service, which reported her supposed NRA warning and her denial. Now she knows it was likely Glenn Simpson.

McClatchy also reported that the government [had] evidence that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen traveled to Prague during the election to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s staff. Mr. Simpson has pushed that story, which came from the Steele dossier.

No confirming evidence has emerged about such a trip. Cohen, now a convicted tax cheat and estranged from Mr. Trump, continues to deny that he ever went to Prague.

 ⦁ Mr. Simpson testified under oath that he first spoke to Mr. Ohr after the election, around Thanksgiving 2016. His goal was to make sure the Obama Justice Department knew of Mr. Steele’s allegations against President-elect Trump.

“During the election, no,” Mr. Simpson said when asked whether he had heard from anyone in Justice or the FBI.

But congressional investigations now know from Mr. Ohr’s notes that he and Mr. Simpson were talking during the election. Mr. Ohr was a conduit to Mr. Strzok.

  ⦁ Mr. Simpson also told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he employed only one Russian speaker, a contractor.

Committee staffers asked whether he received “any other support from Russian- speaking individuals in reviewing the Russian documents.”

“Not in my company, at least not that I can recall,” he answered.

But he employed a second Russian speaker, Mr. Ohr’s wife, Nellie. The fact emerged three months after Mr. Simpson’s testimony in bank records subpoenaed by Mr. Nunes. Republicans contend Mr. Simpson was trying to hide her Fusion connection.

“It’s not surprising [Glenn Simpson would] plead the Fifth rather than testify under oath to Congress again,” the Republican staffer told The Times.

Mr. Ohr appeared before the House joint task force in August, after which Mr.Trump sent out one of several tweets attacking him: “Wow, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr’s wife, is a Russia expert who is fluent in Russian. She worked for Fusion GPS where she was paid a lot. Collusion! Bruce was a boss at the Department of Justice and is, unbelievably, still there!”

The Times here notes that there are quite evident untruths that Mr. Simpson told. And indeed, the direction of this investigation and the results it is garnered so far would make it seem that the truth is being discovered. In a non-political world, perhaps, this would be so. But now we have the most difficult political environment that the United States has experienced in modern history.

The struggle for power at the highest levels in Washington is deep and it should also be simply put that it is sinister. While this may sound like political hyperbole, it really isn't.

The basic struggle is between two concepts.

The first is "One-world government style globalism", which has many supporters in the leftist and progressive parties, and has received great support from billionaire George Soros.

The second might well be dubbed "sovereignty", and it is espoused very clearly in President Trump's "Make America Great Again" tagline and the policy statements the President has made and executed wherever possible to back it up.

This second point of view upholds America's sovereignty within her own borders, and in geopolitics, Mr. Trump is on record saying that while it is the right and just cause for each nation's leaders to put their own nation first, the American leadership has for years let the US get used and be on the bad end of international deals everywhere, and that this will change.

He has backed this statement up time and time again, and it has, to his credit, generated good results. However, the continuing success of the president's ability to implement such policy is facing a challenge, and so is the investigation to clear this fabricated charge of collusion from its obstructive place in politics now. The Times addressed this challenge next:

The Republican task force is on the clock. If Democrats gain control of the House in the midterm elections, then Rep. Adam B. Schiff would take charge of the House intelligence committee.

The California Democrat has enthusiastically supported Mr. Steele and his Democrat-financed dossier while dismissing all of Mr. Nunes‘ disclosures on how the FBI relied on it.

The Nunes and joint task force investigations will surely come to an end, replaced by reopening the Trump-Russian collusion inquiry, which Mr. Nunes‘ majority concluded didn’t exist.

Mr. Schiff has said he would open an investigation into suspected Trump money-laundering. He also might look at the NRA, a prime Republican donor, for illegal Russian influence.

In a Sept. 28 tweet, Mr. Schiff criticized Mr. Nunes for the decision to seek declassification of witness transcripts.

“House Intel GOP stonewalled the release of witness interviews until the last day,” he said. “And hiding behind closed doors, they rejected the disclosure of key testimony. … They call this ‘transparency.’”

Mr. Schiff mentioned former CIA Director John O. Brennan and former FBI Director James B. Comey as two of the witnesses “rejected” by the majority.

Democrats leaked a number of stories during committee’s Russia investigation. None quoted Mr. Brennan or Mr. Comey on evidence of collusion.

In other words, the heavily political nature of this means that the truth may be squelched and replaced with the bylines of the opposition to Trump's policy at every turn.

We saw in the opposition run to Justice Kavanaugh how virulent the Left can be. This level of passion and violence at times is still making headlines across the US and the world. With more than three weeks remaining before Americans vote, there is plenty of time for a new disruptive scandal to erupt to try to discourage and dissuade American voters from continuing their support of the President and those with his point of view.

The very fact of any and all aspects of Russiagate's existence in the prose of the press and in the minds of the American people is proof to the power of journalism when abused. One can see evidence for this on their own in any effort to try to debate or discuss facts such as are in this story with people who are invested in taking down Trump or conservatives in America.

The mantra comes back in forms like shouts of anger, even violence, and often in order to look "civil", ridicule, usually in the form of lampooning on late night television comedy programs that have truly become the 21st century face of progressive propaganda.

The saturation of an untrue narrative is reinforced by individualism gone haywire, with the message to anyone who might challenge one's point of view: "My mind is made up; don't confuse me with the facts."

But carrying bad information into a major policy-defining Congressional election is dangerous for the entire nation, and potentially the whole world.

The United States and the world honestly dodged a bullet in 2016 when Hillary Clinton was defeated. But the Democrats still hold a loaded gun to the nation, and they are giddy with the desire to pull the trigger, which they certainly will if they win the House and / or the Senate in November.

The stakes are higher than they have ever been.

Author: Seraphim Hanisch