BREAKING NEWS! Another Victim of the “Big American Witch Hunt” Is Named
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BREAKING NEWS! Another Victim of the “Big American Witch Hunt” Is Named


WASHINGTON – October 19, 2018

The “witch hunt” on the so-called “Russian meddling into the U.S. election” rolls right along, as another victim is named: Elena Khusyaynova, a chief accountant for the Federal News Agency in Russia, who has been working there since its founding back in 2014. She has been accused of meddling in the presidential campaign of 2016. Additionally, Khusyaynova has already been blamed for interference in the upcoming Congressional mid-term elections in November.

The official Department of Justice (Office of Public Affairs) statement reads:

The alleged conspiracy, in which Khusyaynova is alleged to have played a central financial management role, sought to conduct what it called internally “information warfare against the United States.” This effort was not only designed to spread distrust towards candidates for U.S. political office and the U.S. political system in general, but also to defraud the United States by impeding the lawful functions of government agencies in administering relevant federal requirements.

So, what do we have here according to the Department of Justice? Despite the fact that “Russian hackers” have been doing their job so well, they definitely need help from a simple Russian accountant, or, as NBC News says, a “simple Russian woman.”

If we trust these ridiculous accusations for even a second, Khusyaynova has been involved in spurring wide-ranging internet discussions on various controversial topics by creating numerous fake accounts and writing comments on topics as such as LGBT rights, the free circulation of arms, and many other things. At the same time, according to the accusations, Khusyaynova dared to be critical of Obama, McCain, Rubio, and other “decent American men.”

The only question left is why an accountant was blamed for all these nasty things, as there are many other employees at the Federal News Agency, for instance — janitors. Maybe their turn simply hasn’t come yet, as the “witch hunt” is continuing?

So many questions, so few answers. 

USA Really head, Alexander Malkevich, is sure that this is nothing else than just a political ploy, stating, There are just two weeks left before the election, so all the dirtiest political techniques are being used. They are actually used on an everyday basis and yet — remain unknown to the public, since it happens inside the U.S. That’s what USA Really writes about, by the way. And some day it would be worth writing a book about.”

Author: USA Really