The Racism of the Left: Kanye vs. the Pawns
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The Racism of the Left: Kanye vs. the Pawns


In my last piece, I delved into the phenomenon of the absolute belligerence and lack of reason/rationality that spews forth from the political Left on a regular basis. Of course, since I wrote that piece, this has only continued and will continue, possibly until Kingdom come.

But since then, other fun events have happened that reminded me of another long-running problem with the Left: its blatant racism.

Yes, while irrational leftists scream and cry that Republicans and Trump are “literally Hitler,” it’s actually the Democrats that are the party of racism, and that have always been. Check out Dinesh D’Souza’s videos on the matter, for some crushing historical facts.  

So what happened? Rapper Kanye West visited the White House, spoke his mind on camera, and the media is crapping its collective pants. Just before that, Kanye made an appearance on SNL that saw him telling the crowd he had been bullied backstage for his political views. Don’t go on stage with that “Make America Great Again” hat they told him.

On the one hand, liberals love to tout their creds as the party of freedom, but on the other hand, their true colors are on display often enough, and we all get to see that the last thing they value is free thought and speech.

What’s the big deal with Kanye having a bromance with President Trump? Well, Kanye is BLACK!!! And everyone (on the Left) knows that minorities HAVE to be Democrats. That, my friends, is racism par excellence. Tucker Carlson explains it well when he says that if you look at someone, and based on their immutable, involuntary characteristics, such as race, you tell them what political views they have to have, that is racism.

And that is what the Left champions today.

The Right doesn’t do that. Trump isn’t doing that. Republicans aren’t chasing Candace Owens away, they’re not chasing Kanye away, they’re not chasing Dave Rubin away, even though he’s openly homosexual; heck, Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell have been out there for years telling the truth about Democrats and their liberal policies that, in reality, hurt minorities. And which side welcomes them with open arms? I’m sure you can guess.

By the way, (at least) one of the points Kanye hit on in his stream-of-consciousness talk at the White House was very Larry Elder/Thomas Sowell-esque. He said:

You know, people expect that if you’re black you have to be Democrat. I have a — I've had conversations that basically said that welfare is the reason why a lot of black people end up being Democrat. They say — you know, first of all, it’s a limited amount of jobs. So the fathers lose the jobs, and they say, “We’ll give you more money for having more kids in your home.” And then, we got rid of the mental health institutes in the ’80s and the ’90s, and the prison rates just shot up.

And you better believe the Left was just waiting to jump all over him, because he dared to think for himself! Heck, even some of his fellow African Americans pounced all over him, themselves hurling racist insults and slurs at him.

Don Lemon, a well-known tool over at CNN was especially hateful, managing to rise slightly above his usual complete lack of energy and personality, which helps to make him seem milder than he really is. Speaking with Wolf Blitzer, he said of Kanye:

I’m just going to be honest and I may get into a lot of trouble for it — I actually feel bad for him. what I saw was a minstrel show today.

Minstrel shows were variety shows that began in the early 19th century and often made fun of black people as stupid and lazy, with white actors wearing blackface. So Lemon is saying West’s ability to think for himself and not simply tow the party line makes him stupid and a mockery to all black people. 

Him in front of all these white people, mostly white people, embarrassing himself. And embarrassing Americans, but mostly African Americans, because everyone of them is sitting either at home or with their phones cringing.

Again, having his own ideas, and expressing them in a less-than-perfectly organized manner is an embarrassment. Don’t consider that he has been given the dignity of being invited to the White House to talk about real issues with the president—just focus on his skin color. Solid move, Don Lemon.

And even if you don’t like Kanye’s positions or his behavior in the White House, how does that equal embarrassment for all African Americans? Because Liberals see no individuals in minority populations. All that matters is that Kanye is black, so he’s expected to parrot the same black political views as every other black man. And if he doesn’t, he’s an embarrassment to the faceless mass of black people.

As a more reasonable black guest on Tucker Carlson commented, if someone doesn’t like Tucker’s views, they don’t claim he’s an embarrassment for all white people.

I couldn’t even watch it. I had to turn the television off because it was so hard to watch. Him sitting there, being used by the president of the United States. The president of the United States exploiting him, and, I don’t mean this in a disparaging way, exploiting someone who needs help, who needs to back away from the cameras, who needs to get offstage, who needs to deal with his issues…

Dear God, if a black man has independent thoughts and actually likes Trump, he must be being used! Lemon, who is himself but a pawn in the liberals’ game, has less than no respect for his fellow American, Kanye West. And to insinuate that he is mentally ill because of his views about Trump and politics… I’m not sure any commentary is needed there.

And now, all of a sudden, he is the person who represents the African American community? He doesn’t… This was an embarrassment.

NO, Don Lemon! Kanye is not claiming to represent black people, because he understands that minorities are still individuals. Lemon is rather thick.

And just as we saw Kavanaugh’s daughter become a weapon against her own father in the hands of a liberal cartoonist, which I wrote of in my last article, again, we see that nothing and no one is sacred for the Left, and they are willing to stoop to any level to attack anyone who doesn’t perfectly parrot the liberal party lines:

Kanye’s mother is rolling over in her grave.

Yes, Don Lemon referred to Kanye’s dead mother to attack him. Anyone who loves their mother knows that this is about as low you can go. What an insufferable prick.

He needs’ a father figure. He needs someone to help him, and to guide him…

And then he infantilizes Kanye for daring to think and speak independently. Lemon obviously can’t hold back his condescension.

… and he needs a hug more than anything.

And who gave him a hug, at the very event you’re speaking of? That’s right—President Donald Trump, who actually respects Kanye. Will you hug him, Don Lemon?

The answer is obviously no.

And on Lemon’s own show, his black panelists called Kanye a “token negro,” they said, “Kanye West is what happens when negroes don’t read,” and, “Black folks are about to trade Kanye West in the racial draft.” He’s even been called a white supremacist! And Lemon just laughed as these lines were being thrown out.

“Minstrel show,” “token negro” — these are terms that belong to a more racist past, which no serious, respectable person uses today.

But then, seriousness and respect are not qualities the Left is known for… And this continuing Kanye West saga is just the latest and perhaps most blatant example of it.

Author: Jesse Dominick