Common Sense Warrior: How Steven Crowder Fights Against Dystopia
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Common Sense Warrior: How Steven Crowder Fights Against Dystopia

USA Really

I probably won't be too original if I say I love old America. The purity of nature and morals, the spirit of entrepreneurship, freedom, and adventure. A brave new world where a man is a man and a woman is a woman. Of course, I understand that there were disadvantages, but I love it not for them.

Do you remember that time, when being a patriot wasn't shameful? When loving your country and president wasn't equated with being a racist misogynist? The good old days. How much time has passed? Years, decades, centuries? No, the era has passed.

We live in a new time, of the war of the American people against the Big Tech left.

So what do we have on the people’s side? Let me introduce you to the brave Steven Crowder, a popular American conservative political commentator and YouTuber with almost 3 million subscribers, mainly known for his Louder with Crowder show. He is also a former contributor at Fox News and a regular guest on TheBlaze. Steven's Twitter account has nearly 650,000 followers.

Common Sense Warrior: How Steven Crowder Fights Against Dystopia

As leftist warriors are already well known, we’ll let Steven introduce his opponent himself:

Even with a Republican president and Republican controlled congress, the left still has media, entertainment, education — and the entire tech industry — in its widening grasp. The tech industry, including behemoths like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter (to name a few) have so much collective power it’s almost unfathomable. Big Tech, as they’ll henceforth be known, is arguably the most powerful entity in our modern era.

By the way, this is how Big Tech feels:

While the news from the battlefields fills the headlines in anticipation of the midterms, Steven Crowder tries to imagine a world where the "most hated" President is replaced by a well-respected Nancy Pelosi.


New World Order: The Leftist edition

1. Imagine a world where all legal guns are confiscated from the owners, so only the government has the right to own them. No, that's not Adolf Hitler's wet dream or Kim Jong Un's regime benefits—this is the Democratic Party’s real modern agenda, which was proposed by California Democrat Congressman Eric Salwell. It’s no surprise the idea finds its support and was actively shared by the countless Big Media outlets like The New York Times, The Miami Herald, and even Rolling Stone.

2. In this world, we will create pronoun laws based on ideology rather than any kind of science, invented by those in power to enforce fines, and prison sentences. Sounds too 1930's German? Nope—already in practice in New York and California. What could possibly go wrong?

3. Already in love with this beautiful place? In this place, hate speech laws, with no objective basis, allow those in power to jail anyone they choose. Yes, a bill already proposed in California, would ban religious books. But everyone who opposes leftists is a nazi. Cute.

4. What kind of paradise can be imagined with all these disgusting genders? Absolutely homophobic. In our world, children are taken from parents who don’t want to inject them with hormone blockers. No, that’s not a misprint or prediction. This has already happened.

Do you know why USA Really's slogan is “Wake Up Americans”?

Common Sense Warrior: How Steven Crowder Fights Against Dystopia

Because it's time for a good wake-up call before it's too late. These "progressive" changes are here; they're happening everywhere, despite that Republicans have control of the government. Common sense needs to control people's minds because history already knows the consequences of these anti-human laws.

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Author: USA Really