BREAKING! Federal News Agency Files a Lawsuit Against Facebook
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BREAKING! Federal News Agency Files a Lawsuit Against Facebook


USA – October 23, 2018

The Federal News Agency (FAN), based in Russia, has filed a lawsuit against Facebook Inc. in the Northern Californian Federal district court (San Francisco). The basis for the claim is the blocking of FAN’s Facebook account that took place on April 3, 2018, without any explanation.

USA Really has also been targeted by Facebook and other American social media platforms numerous times.

As a result of this sudden ban, the huge number of FAN subscribers and readers of news on this social network have been deprived of access to information provided by it.

The Facebook administrations actions are a violation of the law “On Protection of Competition,” which forbids the abuse of a dominant position.

It is remarkable that along with blocking the FAN account, a written statement has appeared Mark Zuckerberg’s profile page, in which the founder of Facebook says that the platform has limited access to 270 pages connected with the activities of the “mysterious” Internet Research Agency (also known as IRA):

Today we're taking an important step to protect the integrity of elections around the world by taking down more than 270 pages and accounts operated by a Russian organization called the Internet Research Agency (IRA). Most of our actions against the IRA to date have been to prevent them from interfering in foreign elections. This update is about taking down their pages targeting people living in Russia. This Russian agency has repeatedly acted deceptively and tried to manipulate people in the US, Europe, and Russia -- and we don't want them on Facebook anywhere in the world…

The removal of the FAN account is beyond any doubt an act of political censorship and arbitrariness on the part of the American monopoly. We would also like to note that laws of the Russian Federation directly forbid censorship, although Facebook has no representation in the Russian Federation that would allow it to break Russian laws. FAN has become the first Russian medium that has decided to fight against the arbitrariness of American companies. It will use all legal means necessary according to both American and international law.

In September 2018, the FAN editorial office hired one of the largest international law firms, Whiteford, Taylor & Preston L.L.P. (WTP), to force Facebook to cease its illegal blocking activity, which is directed at “intervention into the domestic policy of the Russian Federation.” Senior lawyer Dennis Boyle will process this case.

This situation with the blocking of Russian media accounts once again highlights the vulnerability of the Russian mass media before the administration of foreign internet platforms.

Author: USA Really