John Bolton Said He Sees No Threat to the Upcoming Midterm Elections in the United States
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John Bolton Said He Sees No Threat to the Upcoming Midterm Elections in the United States

Alexander Zemlianichenko

MOSCOW — October 23, 2018

President Donald Trump's national security adviser John Bolton said he thinks Russia's meddling in the 2016 US election didn't have any effect on the outcome and warned Russian officials that, from a "very cold-blooded cost-benefit ratio," interfering in the American electoral process is not worth the trouble.

He also assured that the country currently doesn't feel threatened with interference in the upcoming midterm elections to the US Congress.

"As you know, we are closely monitoring the situation, FBI Director Chris Ray said that now they do not see actions comparable to 2016, but you understand, everything can change at the touch of a button. President Donald Trump told the FBI to provide him with information on the election and possible interference within 45 days," Bolton said during his Moscow press conference.

On the question of lifting the sanctions because of the so-called interference in the US elections, Bolton said that first of all, it is necessary to talk about the efforts that have been made.

"If the facts prove it — it was one, while there are no such facts. But this intervention itself has reduced the trust level between the countries and for two years its have not been able to diplomatically improve this situation," Bolton added.

As for the evidence of Russia's interference in the US election, Bolton said that we are currently dealing with open information.

"If there is new information proving the interference, then probably some decisions should be made," Bolton said. "It also has to do with the charges have been brought against the computer company that counts the votes."

As for the massive cyber attacks on the United States, Bolton quoted Vice President Mike Pence, who spoke over China a few weeks ago, that compared to what China is doing, Russia can be called a "Junior partner" or "Junior player."

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