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Is Zuckerberg Going to Get Zucked?: Taking Facebook to Court
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Is Zuckerberg Going to Get Zucked?: Taking Facebook to Court


Welcome one and all, young and old, to our USA Really daily podcast for October 23. This is where we give you a quick rundown of the news and analyses you can find on our site today, to whet your appetite a bit. Today we’ve got plenty of election news for you, but also a smattering of some other hot topics.

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And the Federal News Agency, of which USA Really is a part, has now launched a lawsuit against Facebook for closing down its pages without warning or reason. Zuckerberg apparently thinks it’s a big enough deal to respond to it on his personal page, so be sure to check out “BREAKING! Federal News Agency Files a Lawsuit Against Facebook” for the full scoop!

Let’s get things going with today’s opinion piece, “American Politics in Action – Was Geoff Young Manhandled in a “Protective Reaction” Physical Assault?  You Be the Judge!” by Jeffrey Silverman.  Kentucky and American politics have never been for those who cannot stand the sight of blood, Silverman says. There was a time even walking canes had to be banned in the US Congress. They were used by elected representatives to beat one another over the head. Well, in the incident Silverman talks about today, no one was beat, but it seems pretty clear that Geoff Young was assaulted, all because he tried to silently hold a protest sign as Amy McGrath, a retired marine, spoke as part of her campaign for Kentucky’s 6th congressional district. Young was already on their radar, and basically people were waiting for him. And the cops weren’t any help later, as seems to be too often the case. Anyways, check out Silverman’s piece for the whole infuriating story.

And on with the news.

We know you’re itching to get your history on, and we’ve got just what you need. In today’s “This Day in History” piece, we bring you the great Wall Street crash of 1929 that ushered in the terrible era of the Great Depression, the Battle of Henderson Field from WW2 of 1942, and the Battle of Leyte Gulf of 1944, which was the largest naval battle of the war, and possibly in history. Suffering four times as many casualties as the Americans, the Japanese fleet lost this battle, which was a true disaster for a country already losing the war in the Pacific.

As we’ve been talking about for a while now, midterm elections are coming! I hope y’all are ready to get off your duffs and get down to your local polling place. And stay tuned to USA Really for the info you need to know on the candidates. Today we’ve got a Nebraska rundown for you, where the race for 2nd District Representative is between a Republican war hawk and an NGO-supporting Democrat. The latest poll shows a 9% difference between them, which is the same number of voters who remain undecided, so that gap could grow more narrow or even close. The Republic Air Force Brigadier General Don Bacon is the incumbent, though he’s only been in office since January 2017. With that many undecided voters, anything could happen!

And a couple days ago we reported about how Elena Khusyaynova, a Russian accountant, has been accused of conspiring against America. Well, she has responded, and we’ve got that for you, in a special USA Really video! She explains that she is blamed for helping to get Trump elected and of interfering in the upcoming midterms. However, as she explains, she is a simple Russian woman who works honestly for a living. Moreover, she doesn’t even know English! She ends with a call for the whole world to help America. This is one you’re definitely going to want to check out!

And in more midterms news, we’ve got a Florida rundown for you too. Most polls suggest the race is effectively tied, as is typical in Florida, the nation’s largest presidential swing state.  We’re confident of one thing: This election is going to be very close… The last four major statewide elections in Florida have been decided by a single percentage point: President Donald Trump's 2016 win, Gov. Rick Scott's two victories in 2010 and 2014, and President Barack Obama's re-election victory in 2012. The stakes in Florida's closely-watched midterm election will intensify starting Monday as the state's largest counties provide up to 14 straight days of early voting. Check out this piece for more background info and all the stats on who’s beating who.

And in Kansas, “Polling Stations are Closing Due to Lack of Funds.” Dodge City has 30,000 people, and only one polling place. Construction and a lack of funds are putting roadblocks in the way of opening other stations. And unfortunately, residents now have to catch a bus outside of town and then walk another mile beyond the bus stop if they want to vote but don’t have a car. This will seriously negatively affect the poorer residents of Dodge City, where 60% of the population is Hispanic. Since minorities mainly vote Democrat, this situation could benefit the Republicans, though they say it’s not an underhanded ploy. Check out the piece to see what you think.

And you know you want more on the elections, so check out our full review of Alabama candidates too!

And finally, in some non-elections news, two teenagers are accused of shooting a police officer outside Atlanta. One has already been charged with aggravated assault for allegedly pointing a firearm at an officer during the pursuit after Officer Antwan Toney was fatally shot. The other suspect, 18-year-old Tafahree Maynard is still at large. Cops receive a call about a suspicious car parked near a school in the Snellville area, and when they arrived, a shouting match ensued, and when Toney asked the two to get out of their car so he could inspect it, Maynard instead shot him. Toney unfortunately later died in the hospital. Maynard’s case has likely been turned over to the FBI by now, so he’s not in the best of situations.

And in Jefferson County, Georgia, a bus showed up at an old folks’ leisure center and tried to haul them off to vote. But they were only taking African American citizens, as the bus was emblazoned with the slogan “Black Voters Matter.” It seems the senior citizens who got on the bus were excited to vote, but the center wasn’t thrilled about the people being shipped off. The bus was stopped and they didn’t make it to the polls. As you can imagine, a media war has ensued, with many claiming this is just another case of the suppression of minorities’ voting rights, but the center simply says it never allows political activities. I’m sure there’s more involved here, so be sure to check out this piece.

And stock prices for Russian tech giant Yandex are continuing to take a nose dive, with another 2% drop on Monday. The Russian government is proposing to limit foreign ownership in online news aggregators to 20%, and that’s set things off! In the annual report, Yandex said that as of Feb. 15, 2018, there was one holder of its shares based in the United States which held almost all Class A shares, or around 42.1% of shares by voting rights. It did not disclose the name. Political and stock market uncertainty is forcing foreign investors to sell more Yandex shares, despite the fact that they raised their position in the third quarter. Yandex is ubiquitous in Russia, so this could affect a lot of people. Keep it here for the updates you need.

And we’ve actually got a second Yandex piece to keep you as up to date as possible, so be sure to give that a read.

And we’ve got a second special video for you today in our article, “US Police: Locked and Loaded Against Communities of Color” where Marcelo Sánchez brings you a new report on police brutality in the US. I don’t want to spoil that for you, so be sure to head over there and check out this brief but informative video.

And with that, we close down the news, and we’re going to keep on rolling into a preview of tomorrow’s opinion piece. It’s another one from Seraphim Hanisch, the hot new author on the block: “Something funny happened on the way to the Midterms.” He opens by saying, “Something funny happened on the way to the US Congressional midterms. The emergence of the debate on actual policy appears to be taking center stage as the elections approach.” That is funny! Since when is that what matters in politics? I thought the important thing was how outraged you are and who you sleep with…? And Hanisch continues, “That debate comes down, really to just one main question: Do you, the American voter, believe your nation has a right to its own sovereignty?” I would hope everyone would say yes, and probably most people would, but if they had to actually think through the consequences of their beliefs, I think many would realize they aren’t so big on sovereignty. In other words, is it right to close the border, particularly our nation's southern border, to build and maintain the border wall and to stop illegal immigration into the United States? According to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, this is the issue of the 2018 Congressional midterm elections. And in fact, the person who made the issue stand front and center is none other than Democrat Minority House Leader, Nancy Pelosi. And anyone who has a pulse knows that immigration, the border, the wall, are hot topics today. But what’s Pelosi been doing and saying, and how’s it looking for her and her party as compared to the Republicans? Well, check out this piece tomorrow for the full breakdown.

And with that, we close up shop. As always, thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


Author: USA Really