Star of David spotted amidst migrant caravan: Who’s behind the invasion?
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Star of David spotted amidst migrant caravan: Who’s behind the invasion?


MEXICO – October 24, 2018

There's disturbing new footage showing a Jewish Star of David coming out of the Zacapa, Guatemala “caravan” invasion of illegal aliens attempting to forcefully violate the Immigration and Naturalization Act of the United States of America.

Scroll to the 3:27 mark in the video below and watch the truck door for the Star of Remphan, aka the Star of David.

The original video appeared on footage televised by the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC). The image appears on the door panel of a supply truck amidst the 2000+ Honduras who are making their way through Guatemala with an end goal of the US.

The Israeli truck has stirred controversy on social media, with allegations of forced-migrant assistance being given on behalf of “our greatest ally.”

“Why is a false-idol worshipping Star of Remphan, also known as the Jewish Star of David, on this truck in Guatemala where the Migrant Caravan is at?

I think it's time we have a serious talk about international jewry & how it's behind each and every atrocity on the face of Earth.”

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Some bloggers claim that the impending flood of migrants is part of a broader plan to emasculate, threaten, and distract Americans. All while the “Greater Israel Project” continues its occupational expansion and terror throughout the Middle East.

These tactics are not new and have been used many times, including in Europe: to mobilize millions of people from the most poverty-stricken countries in the world and have them invade the country, using children as their shields, and then use these people in their own political games to protect their political interests in this country. 
There’s nothing surprising in this fact. What is surprising is that they broke their taboo in the mainstream media to reveal Israel’s role in this process, although they’ve been talking about in alternative media for a long time already.

For example, BlacklistedNews wrote back in 2013:


Here in 2016 Zionist Jews admit that mass immigration is #1 on their agenda.

Today, as television screens fill up with images of the 7-10,000-strong Honduran migrant army snaking its way up through the belly of Mexico, and President Trump issues warnings that they not cross into the U.S., one group of people, well known for otherwise enjoying grandstanding, has been oddly silent: theDemocrats. They are instead attempting to change the topic to the Saudi killing of Saudi citizen and Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi, a topic that doesn't really concern America, as well as their "Medicare for All" campaign promise. 

I am not a supporter of conspiracy theories or extremist anti-Semitic organizations, but I would like to hear a clear explanation of the above facts, and to hear what the Democrats really think about immigration in general, and this situation in particular. If the press won’t ask, voters must. No matter the answer, it won’t be good for their electoral prospects in this upcoming midterm.

Author: USA Really