The Doctor Stole More Than $155 Thousand from His Patients
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The Doctor Stole More Than $155 Thousand from His Patients


BROOKLINE — May 31, 2018

Doctor Michael Poyin Chang stole more than $155,000 for 300 days instead of providing treatment to his patients.

According to authorities he was employed by the FDNY from June 2010 to December 2016 and worked in the World Trade Center Monitoring Clinic Orange County Annex in Middletown and another monitoring clinic in the Fort Totten section of Queens.

But an audit of the days and hours Chang logged on his CityTime account revealed "significant discrepancies" with his prepared work schedules, Brooklyn federal prosecutors said.

FDNY paid him for 220 days of work, but it turned out that he didn't work many those days. The doctor also claimed he worked on 81 days when he was scheduled to be on vacation. Also, it turned out Chang was traveling internationally on 34 of the 81 days at issue.

"Physicians take an oath to "first do no harm," but this Fire Department physician violated that code by collecting more than $150,000 in public funds for nearly a year's worth of work he didn't perform," said Department of Investigation Commissioner Mark Peters.

Also, Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue said Chang "allegedly stole taxpayer money designated for the medical care of FDNY first responders who put their lives and health at risk in order to save others during the World Trade Center terrorist attack."

Chang ignored all questions and covered his face with a folder when he walked out of Brooklyn Federal Court.

His lawyer declined to comment on the charges. Dr. Chang faces a term in prison of up to 10 years.

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