Federal News Agency Employees Under Attack by “Anonymous” National Cyber Security Division
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Federal News Agency Employees Under Attack by “Anonymous” National Cyber Security Division


USA – October 25, 2018

An unprecedented attack was launched against several Federal News Agency (the organization that helped found USA Really) employees yesterday, as they received short messages from the U.S., and, allegedly, from National Cyber Security Division employees.

This is the first real act of the so-called “cyber-war” announced by America against our private and objective media resource colleagues from one of the most respected news agencies of Russia. The ongoing “witch hunt” has now spread not only across the U.S., but has managed to go abroad as well. Thus, internal American political issues have become international. 

We will not tolerate these ridiculous threats, as they inappropriately violate a number of international laws and interfere in the business of ordinary Russian citizens, blaming them for all the electoral woes of the Democratic Party, which can’t handle the humiliating loss it suffered in the presidential campaign.

They are hoping to retaliate against the Republicans in the midterms, and they have taken to reigniting the hysteria over “Russian trolls.”

The Federal News Agency editorial office never interfered in the election; these accusations are phony and politically-motivated, yet the employees of the Agency have been put under serious mental threat by American cyber-security forces.

“We know who you are, and we don’t like it…”, "Share this with your colleagues: we are watching you" and similar messages sent by the Division’s “military advisors” (as was revealed in a phone call to one of the numbers from which the messages were sent) were meant to threaten those whom America considers to be “Russian trolls,” without any proper proof.

The number allegedly belonged to Security Division Officer Lt. Gibson, yet, he didn’t want to explain to the journalists who called him back why the accusations were being made against simple Russian people. Moreover, it is unclear whether it was him or a co-worker on the phone, as the person would not identify themselves.

 “I am a military advisor of the Consulate...but I am inhibited to tell you who I am, it's a state secret”  the voice on the other end of the call responded.

Millions of tax payers’ dollars have been spent by the war hawks in the U.S. to counteract “Russian interference,” due to some fantastically silly rumours circulating around the web and social media. Is this a just way to spend the money of ordinary American people? This is the question American society has to answer, as the “witch hunt” has reached its apogee.


Author: USA Really