Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Democrats and British MI6 Prepare Coup Against Trump
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Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Democrats and British MI6 Prepare Coup Against Trump


MOSCOW – October 25, 2018

On October 24, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder of the Schiller Research Institute NGO think tank, held a panel discussion at the Russian Federation Committee for the Development of Information Society.

In her speech, Mrs. LaRouche focused on the future of the conflict between Russia and the United States and offered confirming information on the role Britain has played in corrupting Russian-American relations, with the strength of the British media and the close cooperation between the British and American intelligence.

She believes that in 2016, Democrats, with the help of British intelligence services, conducted an operation to impact the results of the US presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton. This is precisely the reason for the hysteria of the “respected” mainstream media and some politicians, mostly from the Democratic camp, regarding Russia's interference in the American elections.

This is why they are hell-bent on continuing the investigation, regardless of the cost and despite the absence of any objective evidence. They need to prove at all costs that it is not they, but the mythical Russian hackers and trolls who are behind the election fraud.

What is being concealed is the desire of the Democrats and the groups behind them to sweep the traces of their crimes against society under the rug. However, they won’t be able to do it now, because they stink from all their dirty manipulations in the elections. The truth is gradually, but steadily coming out, and the state machine, which is still controlled by globalist elite groups, is beginning to turn towards justice, even if with painful slowness at first, but with growing confidence and efficiency.

The brightest representatives of such groups have already received the summons, and some have already been questioned by the competent authorities, including the FBI’s former Director James Brien Comey, former British intelligence officer with the Secret Intelligence Service MI6 Christopher David Steele, who authored a dossier that claims Russia collected a file of compromising information on U.S. President Donald Trump, and some other dignitaries. However, the investigation is being conducted on camera and its results are not yet available to the general public.

Those who are behind these crimes still have the opportunity to put everything back. That is why the Democrats so desperately fight for victory in the midterm elections. They are still hoping that the victory will be able to cover up the brewing scandal, which could surpass Watergate in its consquences.

According to Mrs. LaRouche, the inner circle of the Democratic Party and the elite groups behind it are closely linked to British and international globalist structures. It is Britain and its special services who are behind the attempts to influence the results of the presidential elections in the United States. Mrs. LaRouche believes that Britain is Trump's main enemy. President Trump, during his election campaign, announced that he wants to improve relations with Russia. This is exactly what the British globalists will never let that happen. “If Russia and USA are stabilized, Britain will lose its influence in the world,” she said. 

Allied relations between the United States and Russia threaten the preservation of their power and authority, and they are ready to do anything to prevent such an alliance. We can see the progress and results of their work, but they are experiencing significant difficulties.

The attempt to organize a coup in the United States in favor of Hillary Clinton has failed. Their supporters are gradually moving away from the real levers of governing the country. The media controlled by them is quickly losing its credibility, and with it its former influence. The hastily composed fairy tales about the “terrible Russians” do not have the expected influence, and often have the opposite effect, because people refuse to blindly believe these fairy tales and begin to ask questions to which the English have no answers. However, the reasons for Britain’s hatred of Russia and its actions are described in great detail and conclusively in the 40-minute documentary film by M. Zakharova.

That is why the British establishment is so raging. That is why the British intelligence service is coming up with more and more new reasons to accuse Russia of the most unthinkable crimes. But there is a fear and a desire to hide their own crimes against the American people and all of humanity behind this.

Author: USA Really