USA Really Offering Help to Another Victim of Brutal American Media Censorship
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USA Really Offering Help to Another Victim of Brutal American Media Censorship


USA – October 26, 2018

As we’ve reported numerous times, mainstream American media is not a place where honest journalists can feel safe, due to due to unwritten laws of self-censorship, the continuing struggle for power between the crooked elites-serving bosses, and the fact that you can easily get fired for a couple of “wrong” words, regardless of what you’ve achieved in the past. 

The latest victim of this mainstream media censorship, based upon controversial values such as exaggerated political correctness, is Megyn Kelly, fired from NBC News yesterday. She isa prominent American journalist and political commentator who also worked as a news anchor at Fox from 2004 to 2017.

She is also known for interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin back in June 2017, which was an extraordinary act of braveness under the circumstances of the ongoing “witch hunt” in the U.S. She also worked in Russia during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum last year.

What happened yesterday? Megyn Kelly was accused of “racism” for remarks she made on air about the costumes people wear on Halloween. She said:

You truly do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface at Halloween or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween…

Such a frank social observation cost her job, reputation and other things that matter. Kelly even had to apologize for these truly non-offensive and fair words.

To sum up, political censorship two weeks before the elections in the United States is gaining speed on an unprecedented scale and unprecedented scope. We were really shocked with the news of the dismissal of the honest and frank journalist Megyn Kelly.

Fortunately, the American people, and professional society, now have a medium where they can share all range of views without being censored, so we offer Megyn Kelly to join our USA Really News Agency team.

Political censorship shouldn’t exist in the modern world!

Author: USA Really