It Is Now Autumn, Called “Fall” in the US — No Room 4-Political Debate
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It Is Now Autumn, Called “Fall” in the US — No Room 4-Political Debate


Keeping up with what is going on in the US is easier at times from a safe distance, as when you are too close to something you cannot see clearly, like shoving a paper to your nose and trying to read it. But you can see more clearly from a safe distance what the US is doing to other countries than what it is doing to itself and to its own citizens.

What makes me see RED is all the “rigmarole” over upcoming US elections, and what immediately comes to mind as a “pet peeve” is basically how everybody is being forced to choose only one of two political extremes, each of the two main parties insisting its adherents believe only one way about absolutely everything they do and think about. Perhaps they are only doing it to themselves, using social media, which exists due to relatively recent technological advances to quickly spread their singular and agenda-driven ideologies.

Who is behind the rapidly increasing polarization of singular thinking? Are there sinister forces hidden within the government as many are suspecting? Is the President of the US really at the very top of the "powers that be" pyramid?

The answers are in the eye of the beholders and how well he or she may have been brainwashed by the media and what passes as education in this age. And anyone like me, a socialist, is called a member of a “fringe party” and a potential spoiler, as was the case of a close election involving Ralph Nader as a third-party dark horse candidate.

Labels of Convenience

People from outside the major parties who are pursuing elected office are exercising their First Amendment rights - calling them “spoilers” is an act of “political bigotry.” Such actions should never be tolerated by the American people, as former presidential candidate Ralph Nader  and civil rights champion and four-time presidential explained to Democracy Now.

Now it is more popular to be extreme than neutral, and just last week, women stormed the US Capitol, to fight back against the votes confirming Kavanaugh. That is more politically expedient these days than anything that would even come close to what used to be called political debate, yet some citizens who had previously voted for the best candidates regardless of party are now saying they will never vote democrat again, in protest against the protestors.

Now the democrats are insisting Kavanaugh be impeached, which can only be wishful thinking, as they [the angry silent majority] could not impeach the even sleazier Bill Clinton or Donald Trump.

As with the sexes, the two main political parties are each suffering an identity crisis. From this chaos, Trump has accomplished one thing with flying colors: the implosion of the Republican Party, while Hilary (or some would say Bernie) exploded the Democrat party.

The typical American conveniently points figures at others and states “it’s the LAW” without regard for the meaning of the law.

Much of the problem lies with the uneducated masses; at least I think that is the main problem that will lead to the downfall of the American political order. It is either 50% for, 50% against—but you can’t trust polls anymore, first Truman proved that and Hillary and Trump proved it again in the last elections.

The democrats - against - are particularly angry about anyone who dares support him in any way. People are ready to pick up pitchforks and torches - if not rifles - and go at each other.I see plenty of facebook posts that say “if you're on the opposing team, un-friend me immediately.”

In Lexington Kentucky, University of Kentucky, where I did much of my university days there are people who act the same way against the opposing team whether it's sports or politics. For example, I heard about people harassing someone on a bus because they were wearing a Louisville T-shirt.

I would add that people in positions of power are forced to choose due to polarizing forces. Many people are threatening to never vote democrat again, not only because of ultra-loud protests by some members but because they don’t know what their party stands for anymore. Others who had been more "liberal" were forced to the conservative led to them becoming republican due to conspiracies.

Really BAD

I'm just giving you ideas about things to think about, as about the reality in the US, as it is really that bad. This is what is going on in the U.S. in general.I'm saying that half the country is democrat/leftist/liberal, half is republican/right-wing/conservative. Less than half each actually because there are still many who are centrist/libertarian, so perhaps it's more like 30% each, three ways.

So, let's say it's 30% each. The republicans and democrats insist that everyone who stands outside of their sphere is evil and should be shunned.I am also saying that they refuse to think for themselves. Pilgrim’s Progress has taken a GIANT Leap Backwards. Once it was religion that you could fight over, and people find that too boring nowadays as celebrating differences has become the new religion.

Now the current mainstream religions are sports and politics. You are with us or against us, like in the doublespeak of GW Bush … no place in between—no riding the fence.  And then if current events are not to be contested, they want to revisit and rewrite history, only if George Orwell had lived in these times!

Every time there's a Democrat vs. Republican feud, it polarizes people even more. Last year's feud was over the removal of Confederate statues. But more than that is involved, as the name of the game is maintaining a two-party system, as people are too busy hating each other over petty things.

I agree with erecting more monuments. In Lexington Kentucky, for instance,they moved them from downtown to the war cemetery. At least they didn't destroy them.

Those crying the loudest of the wrongs of slavery are the ones that were the most clueless of all as to the meaning of these monuments. Eventually they might erect African American statues, with no monuments to white people around anymore. That's over-compensating reactions for but I would agree with that, as long as they erect one to Malcolm X, the civil rights leader who gets so little credit, as he demanded that if-you-don’t-give-us-our-rights-then-we-will-take-them.

And at least one stature in every town to Uncle Tom, Rev Martin Luther King, and others, who deserve their place in stone … they have rewritten the history books, most who fought on the side of the South never owned slaves and were morally against it.

I am talking about Southern folk.It was mostly about State Rights—but we cannot talk about that anymore, as the Federal government knows what is best for the populace, and will even think for us.

Ask younger folks what the Civil War was about and they insist it can only be a one word answer and they insist nobody should learn anything more. There is plenty of evidence that many leaders on the side of the north were very racist, anti-African, and pro slave.  The State of Rhode Island comes into mind, whose slaves were fighting in the American Revolution in the hope of securing their freedom—many were freed but many more died.

I've seen a lot of that propaganda all over the 'net. If anyone dares speak up in favor of education, they will be tarred and feathered—about the "war between the states" - "war of northern aggression" - as southerners like to refer to the civil war.

It still continues in many ways, and perhaps we have to have a new civil war to get people back to their senses.Most people only know bits and pieces about the civil war, so I would suggest they get the book "idiot's guide to the civil war”

 I just copied a rare out-of-print book that I have called "Civil War Chronicle" – also a good place to start.

The Civil War Chronicle is a history of the American Civil Ware written in modern (1971) newspaper style.  You will read of Gettysburg, Chickamauga and hundreds of events - big and small - during the most traumatic four years of America history. 

My mother’s family is from Northern Virginia, between Manassas and Washington DC, so I grew up being told about it like it was last week.

Author: Jeffrey Silverman