I Am Angry. Facebook Deleted My Post on Trying to Save a Dying 80,000-year-old Forest, Saying It Went Against Their Community Standards
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I Am Angry. Facebook Deleted My Post on Trying to Save a Dying 80,000-year-old Forest, Saying It Went Against Their Community Standards


I wanted to tell you a story today about how a friend of mine found love on Facebook and got married. But today is not that day. Today I will tell you about the draconian ways of Facebook, about its suppression of free voice and its relentless war against democracy. Today I will share with you about my experience, in the first person, for if I were to put it in the third person, my angst at the entire incident would get lost. My angst is not at Facebook, as a concept it is fantabulous. No doubt it has brought people together. Many have found friends, family, and love on Facebook. I reunited with my long-lost school friends, and now while living in a foreign country, can keep in touch with my family back at home, all thanks to Facebook. Frankly, I harbor absolutely no hard feelings against it. But I am angry. My angst is towards the people who run Facebook like a fiefdom.

I am angry because Facebook today blocked a post that I had shared, stating that it violated its community standards. The post was not meant to incite hatred or spread anti-Semitic propaganda, nor was it in any way an attempt to undermine the great American democracy. The post was my modest attempt to make people aware that a forest 80,000-year-old and spread over 100 acres in Utah is dying, and dying it is not by natural causes rather due to excessive human interference. My post was an appeal to the people to unite in order to protect and save it. Is trying to make people aware of a dying forest and asking them to intervene to save it an act of sedition? I think not. Can trying to save a dying forest ever violate the community standards of any community. I don’t think so. So why was my post blocked? To understand it we must understand the genesis of Facebook.


Facebook was started by Mark Zuckerberg and four other Harvard College students, who initially created it as a fun project and to keep themselves busy. Then, when it started growing in popularity and funds started pouring in, Zuckerberg developed a god-complex. The enormous power that was bestowed upon him by virtue of his being at the helm of the world’s largest and most popular social network made him feel that he can control the lives of others and make the world think what he thinks. He also developed a complete disregard for the law of the land. What else can explain the fact that Facebook shared private user information with Chinese companies that were flagged by the US intelligence as national security threats? Also, reports have surfaced that Zuckerberg secretly harbors Presidential ambitions. Maybe he now sees himself as the savior of democracy. And in his quest, he forgot that democracy is not an institution, but an idea. An idea that can be preserved only when people naturally believe in it, and not when they are forced to believe in it.

Now let’s get back to the original question as to why my post got blocked. The answer is quite simple. The post was an article posted on USA Really, a news website committed to bringing honest and relevant news to the American people, not the news that the American deep-state feeds to its puppet media outlets. USA Really’s commitment to preserving the democratic principles upon which the great American nation was founded has made it the archenemy of the deep-state, whose only commitment is in holding on to power and money. The deep-state is frustrated and angry at its inability to stop USA Really from spreading news that is not only true and relevant to the American people but is also slowly exposing the true puppet masters. In its attempt to root out USA Really, the deep-state is using all dirty tricks that it has up its sleeves, and is using the power-hungry Mark Zuckerberg as a pawn. You will be right to ask as to how can Facebook help the deep-state, it is a social network platform, not a news agency. But make no mistakes, with over 2 billion users, Facebook today is the world’s most influential news spreading organization. Fifty-two percent of Brazilians, 61 percent of Mexicans, and 51 percent of Italians and Turks use the platform for news, while a survey in the US showed that 39 percent of Americans get their news from the site. Since USA Really is based outside the US, the power tactics that the deep-state has for long successfully used to reign in other media houses are proving to be utterly futile. So, in order to weaken USA Really Facebook is being made to delete all posts that have any link to the news agency, even when it is something as apolitical as trying to save a forest.

The Orwellian world that Facebook is trying to create is no secret now. People have come to see through its ulterior motives. If it thinks that it is now too large and powerful, it must back into history books to find that there was a time not so long ago when Myspace ruled. It must understand that the only way for it to grow is to propagate people’s voice, not try to suppress it. After all, it is a social media network and not the arbitrator of public opinion.

Author: Pradeep Banerjee