Breaking! USA Really Website Is Under Attack!
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Breaking! USA Really Website Is Under Attack!


The USA Really website has been blocked by the host-provider due to an anonymous complaint received from “a journalist from the U.K.” Thus, the informational war against us has reached a new level. 

After our social media accounts have been blocked numerous times, our website itself came under attack this morning, as it was blocked.

It is not yet known who sent the complaint, stating, “I was wondering if you could tell me if Server4You hosts the domain And if so, are you aware that USAReally’s chief financial officer was just indicted by the Department of Justice in America for allegedly defrauding the U.S.?”

This “hero” and brainwashed “social justice warrior” could be anyone, hiding under the mask of “a journalist from the U.K.”

The “journalist’s” complaint refers to the phony accusation by Washington war hawks against Federal News Agency chief accountant Elena Khusyaynova

USA Really is certain that this is nothing more than a new battle in the war on freedom of speech and the true American values that we propagate; we won’t tolerate it and we feel persistent enough to fight for our rights to convey the news that the mainstream American media doesn’t cover, so as to help our audience know the truth.  

Author: USA Really