Pentagon Doesn't Want to Comply With Trump's Decree to Send Troops to U.S.-Mexico Border
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Pentagon Doesn't Want to Comply With Trump's Decree to Send Troops to U.S.-Mexico Border


TEXAS — October 29, 2018

The U.S. Department of Defense has not yet determined how many additional service members it will send to secure the southwestern border with Mexico as well as whether or not generally to send someone there to resist the migrants’ caravan from Mexico.

In a Saturday tweet, DoD spokesman Dana White declared media reports that the Pentagon planned on deploying "800 or 1,000" additional troops to back up the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol’s Operation Guardian Support mission — numbers previously floated by U.S. government officials — to be "inaccurate."

According to initial reports, there are now at least 1,000 armed soldiers on the border with Mexico who are ready to confront migrants if they attempt to enter the United States.

Now the Pentagon official has stated that the DoD was still working out the details of the new deployment and would have "a better idea" of new troops levels within the coming days.

"We don't have a specific number," the official said. "At this point we would advise straying from any number."

The fresh assistance for civilian law enforcement, officially confirmed by the Pentagon on Friday, came after President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday that he was "bringing out the military" to secure the southwestern border from a caravan of Central American immigrants currently headed for the United States.

In addition, according to the latest statement of Pentagon officials, the military is not sure that the border will have to be protected, as migrants as such are not a threat to American society.

Thus, internal divisions have affected even the higher departments of the U.S., including the top leadership of the country in the person of President Donald Trump. The Pentagon here is at least indirectly refusing to comply with Trump’s decree on this minor problem.

The ambiguity is unsurprising: According to a Friday report from The Daily Beast, National Security Adviser John Bolton has spearheaded the push while explicitly avoiding input from White House Chief of Staff John Kelly or Secretary of Defense James Mattis, namely because the latter "has slow-rolled responding in the past."

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