NJ Mayor’s Daughter Arrested After Having Sex With Student
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NJ Mayor’s Daughter Arrested After Having Sex With Student


LODI, NEW JERSEY — October 30, 2018

New Jersey law enforcement agencies have an interesting case before them in which a 32-year-old school teacher, who is also the mayor's daughter, had sex with a student.

Stephanie Carafa, a teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School in Bergen County, was busted on Saturday on charges of child endangerment and aggravated criminal sexual contact in connection with the relationship.

Carafa's father, Emil Carafa Jr., is the mayor of Lodi Township where the school is located. The man said his daughter is the love of his life, like the rest of the family, though now it is up to the courts to understand and handle the situation. The politician noted that he understands the increased interest in the case, but is not ready to comment on the incident. He added that he is most concerned now about the fate of his daughter.

Carafa has not yet been charged for sex with the 16-year-old student, but for sending sexually explicit photos. Although some media have reported that has been charged on several articles, in reality, this has not happened yet. At the moment the woman is accused only of sending sexually explicit photos.

She is due back in court on Friday. The victim's name is not disclosed due to the specifics of the case. Carafa faces prison time if found guilty.

Author: USA Really