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Gillum’s Grandma and Facebook Fights a Forest
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Gillum’s Grandma and Facebook Fights a Forest


Welcome everyone to our USA Really daily podcast for October 30. As always, we have a broad range of topics for you today, touching on the everyday life of Americans throughout the country.

And for our usual listeners, well, you know we have some important announcements for your ears first, so here we go.

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Let’s get things going with our daily opinion piece: “I Am Angry. Facebook Deleted My Post on Trying to Save a Dying 80,000-year-old Forest, Saying It Went Against Their Community Standards” by our regular author Pradeep Banerjee. We told you about this massive, ancient forest in Utah not that long ago. How could something so innocent, so seemingly Leftist-friendly (aren’t they the environmentalists?) be blocked by our beloved Facebook?! Well, you guessed it—it was our article and USA Really IS RUSSIAN PROPAGANDAAAAAAAAAAA, or so the Zuck would have us believe. Good ol’ Orwellian Facebook. Well, Banerjee takes you through the whole story here, the history of Facebook, and helps you see that Facebook hates Russians and apparently trees too! Haha.

Now let’s take a gander at our daily dose of history in our “This day in history” piece. On this day in 1735, future president John Adams was born. Obviously, as a founding father and VP and second President, this guy is hugely important in American history. If you’ve forgotten about him since school, we’ve got a refresher for you. And in 1938, the War of the Worlds panic went down, which, for us, living in 2018, is almost impossible to imagine. A radio show talked about an alien invasion, and everyone went ape crap crazy. They actually thought it was real… And on this day in 1945, Jackie Robinson signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers, becoming the first black man in the MLB. And he became a legend, and our piece tells you why!

And first up for the news is the piece, “Andrew Gillum’s Secret Weapon, Or How Ghosts Are for Democrats.” When I first read this title I thought it was something about voter fraud, with dead people somehow voting. But it’s actually about Andrew Gillum, the most charismatic Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Florida in years and his relationship with his dearly-departed grandmother. She obviously played a big role in his life and he quotes her quite often. "My grandmother used to say, ‘When you wrestle with pigs, you both get dirty, but the pig likes it.’" he said recently. "My grandmother taught me that if we were going to get anywhere in life, we would get there together." "As my grandmother used to say, ‘Always tell the truth,’ because when you tell the truth, you don’t have to worry about lies. You don’t have to worry about covering up for lies.’" So Gillum is painting himself as a downhome man of the people. But will it work? Well, you know the drill—we’ll have to wait and see.

And following the tragedy in the Pittsburg synagogue on Saturday, the Chief Rabbi of New York is calling on congregants to arm themselves for protection. "A guy comes in with a gun, and what can they do? Throw chairs at them? We're sitting ducks here,” he says. The rabbi believes that arming the congregants is ultimately a better solution than using private security or police protection because a member of a synagogue would be able to spot more things out of the ordinary. A cop or guard would not be as familiar with the temple, he added. Normally the media would associate such a call with southern white hillbillies, but it’ll be interesting to see how they react, if they react, to the same call from a Jewish rabbi. Is it so insane to want to protect yourself? I fail to see why it is…

And more on that migrant caravan. They’re still coming, still trying to invade our country against our rules, and Trump is still standing strong and Democrats are still hating him for it. Troops are going to be sent in to protect the border, and asylum seekers will be housed in tent cities while they await their hearing. “We’re going to have tents. They’re going to be very nice, and they’re going to wait, and if they don’t get asylum, they get out,” Trump said. Ahhh, I can just hear the shrill squeals of the Democrats now, insisting he’s “literally Hitler!”

And more on shootings—now there’s been one at the Republican offices in Dayton, Florida, though, thankfully, it was while the offices were closed, and it just left the windows broken. Along with glass scattered in front of its entrance, at least four bullet holes were discovered inside the office. “We have never had any kind of vandalism before at a Republican Headquarters,” Volusia County Republican Party Chairman Tony Ledbetter told the Daytona Beach News-Journal. “It’s a small strip center and no other business was vandalized, so it was obviously politically motivated.” Raise your hand if you’re surprised. My hand sure ain’t up. Which is the party of violence? There’s no dispute.

And more from the Dems—there’s a group of women in Texas that go around targeting the elderly to steal their votes. Leticia Sanchez Pierce even took advantage of a 76-year-old blind woman and the man who used to help her but moved to a nursing home after a heart attack several years ago. Yup, a team of Democrat women are out there taking advantage of the blind and the sick. They knock on your door, schmooze their way into your house, and pretend they’re there to record and drop off your vote for you, but they vote for whoever they want, of course. People who say voter fraud isn’t real are LIARS.

An interesting meeting was held yesterday in Moscow at the State University—Higher School of Economics with Harry Halpin, a scientist from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory on the topic of smart cities, the paradigm for which began in the 60s and 70s when the government tried to control protesters. So, essentially, what later evolved into smart cities started as a racist project, according to Halpin. Oh, and he also says the Russophobia in the U.S. media is a joke and the regular joes aren’t buying it.

And another piece on Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum and the dirty race going on there—apparently he’s taking huge stacks of cash from George Soros, the walking garbage can who financially backs just about everything evil in this world. On the other hand, his opponent Ron DeSantis is being accused of racism, OF COURSE, because he told Floridians not to “monkey” things up by voting for Gillum, who is black. Playing the race card is essentially an open acknowledgement that you have no real arguments. Gillum is also associated with the far Left Dream Defenders organization. Will Floridians drink the Democrat kool-aid or will they use their brains? We’ll know pretty soon!

According to the World Health Organization, more than 90% of kids in the world are breathing toxic air. That sounds pretty bad. I guess those funny doctors’ masks that Asians are always wearing are justified? Roughly 1.8 billion children live in places where pollution exceeds World Health Organization guidelines. Ambient air pollution caused roughly 4.2 million premature deaths in 2016, while 600,000 children died from acute lower respiratory infections due to dirty air. And of course things are worse in poorer countries. Head on over to our piece for all the facts and figures on this scary story!

And more on voter fraud—a Mexican man illegally voted in Texas for more than 20 years. Like I said, those who say voter fraud is not real are LIARS. The San Antonio illegal immigrant plead guilty on Thursday to fraud and identity theft, having used the name of a former San Antonio resident. Of course, then there’s other places in the U.S. that actually ALLOW illegals to vote—just another sign that America is growing more and more friggin’ insane every day. Well, check out the piece for the full scoop here.

And more on migrants and the border, it seems the Pentagon isn’t convinced that any soldiers are needed down there. So how will this all shake out? Check out piece for some more details to help you make your prediction!

We told you a while ago about an epidemic of Native and indigenous women going missing and being murdered in America. It’s actually happening at alarmingly high rates, but it seems nothing is being done about it. Sure, conferences are held, but they seem to just go over the same info again and again, which everyone already knows—no answers come from them. There’re a lot of factors going on here, and, interestingly, a sense of shame and guilt among Native families seems to be an important one. A family’s daughter goes missing? They assume she’s on a bender, or shacking up with some dude, and in the meantime, she goes missing for good. It’s a really sad story. This piece goes through the whole sad ordeal for you and tells you about several specific girls and women who have gone missing or who have been killed. What can be done about this epidemic? I wish I had the answers. We certainly can pray.

That’ll do it for our news. As per the usual, let’s wrap things up with a little preview of tomorrow’s opinion piece: “How the First Amendment protects propaganda” by Seraphim Hanisch. Remember a decade or two ago when you could be sure that freedom of speech was still valued in America? Obviously the times of such assurance are good and gone by now. Tech giants like Facebook and Google are scrubbing information that they don’t like, and since they’re friggin’ massive, I’m sure its effective. But any company has the right to provide or hide whatever info they want. Cause First Amendment. “The First Amendment means the government cannot control our news media. But this also means that the responsibility lies with the American people to control it,” Hanisch writes. Be sure to check out his piece tomorrow for the full story!

And with that, we close up shop. Thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


Author: USA Really