Growing Migrant Caravan Pointing Way to Midterms Success
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Growing Migrant Caravan Pointing Way to Midterms Success


TAPACHULA, MEXICO – October 31, 2018

The Honduras migrant caravan army, heading to the U.S. just ahead of the major upcoming election, is still the top news on all news channels. The Pentagon is already pushing troops to the shooting line, on the Mexican border.

Meanwhile, the first select groups of military-aged men are ready to storm Trump’s fence, but the main horde is still on its way:

As the marching columns move across rough terrain, its forced to swim across rivers, filling them like fish at spawning, obsessed with the thirst for death:



Initially, the caravan was alone, either walking along the road or being driven in special trucks, but the directors of the historical attraction decided to forge a strategic trail, so now many of those who were waiting their turn in Mexico are running to the United States at full speed through the desert, as though it were the last day of a supermarket sale:

Growing Migrant Caravan Pointing Way to Midterms Success


Many representatives of the liberal press are raving together with the caravan, covering the historical event and carefully focusing on the suffering of the migrants who carry children on their shoulders and wash their feet in blood in search of a better life:


The audience that’s watching, 90%, if not 99% of the time, does not use its brain at all, swallowing everything they are told. However, even from these videos it is clear that this is perfectly organized – there is centralized food, medical care, lodging for the night, and transport and even extravagant new drapes donated by United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley. And, sometimes before the camera flashes such characters:


It is unlikely that this seeker of a better life is collecting garbage. Most likely he is preparing to use the ancient weapons of the oppressed proletariat – cobblestone.

However, instead of sending towards the caravan a dozen sensible FBI agents, who could figure out the organizers of this procession and ask them their reasons, Trump for some reason gathers troops on the border. And it would be enough to arrest if not the owners of the attraction, then at least its middle-level managers. Without the leader, the herd will scatter and won't even find its way by the compass. Many would get lost and return to their native Honduras after their aimless wanderings.

Now many experts and politicians in the U.S. are puzzling over the question of how Trump will get out of the situation, since the use of even non-lethal weapons against the migrant will cause turmoil, chaos, and stampede. And it’s clear that there will be victims anyway. Naturally, women and children will be the first to suffer, and naturally, all this will go on the air on CNN and other mainstream media. But, in fact, it could be much worse.

After his election, President Trump began to build his famous fence with Mexico. Immediately thereafter, the popular game Red Rising went on sale in the U.S.:

As you can see from the description, the game is set during the Third World War. Somehow it turns out that the 2017 game surprisingly resembles what will soon happen on the U.S. border with Mexico. It’s all somehow very similar to some kind of predictive programming.

The only difference between reality and the game is that there are zombies attacking the U.S. in the game. But what if the organizers of this attraction decide to slightly increase the level of the event in light of the upcoming midterm elections? For example, some “special” persons could infect the caravan with some rapidly progressing viral disease, responsibility for which will be assigned to “poor sanitary conditions.”

Of course, it will not be a virus that turns people into zombies (although this is technically possible) and migrants climbing over Trump’s fence won’t bite the Marines. Just approaching the coveted fence, they’ll begin to be covered with blisters and collapse, many dying quickly.

And given the size of the crowd, there will be a real humanitarian disaster. And Trump will be declared fully responsible. There will be thousands of dead and dying people along the fence covered with terrible ulcers, praying for help.

If there will be no help provided, Trump will be declared a “dictator-usurper” worse than Hitler; if help is provided and the disease spreads to the U.S., Trump will be declared guilty too.

Finally, there’s the option of accusing Trump of using biological weapons on the caravan. This would be a win-win for the organizers of the march, and if someone thinks this situation is too fantastic, they are wrong.

Democrats hope the caravan will hurt President Trump. Images of the U.S. military turning away migrants from the border will dominate the news cycle. All that’s necessary is for a Democrat brown-shirt activist, inserted into the caravan, attempting to trigger a violent response from the military or an ICE agent, captured and edited by preplaced media operatives, all to damage Trump and Republicans ahead of the midterms.

Author: USA Really