Hidden Issues of California Elections
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Hidden Issues of California Elections


SACRAMENTO – October 31, 2018

As the midterms are now right at America’s doorsteps, many problems and hidden things are coming out of the closet. And California is one of the clearest examples.

Envelopes for absentee voting should be sent by the state for free, but some Reddit users have noticed that after receiving them, they can’t send them back to the electoral commission without special stamps, at least, not for free:

 “My mailman put my ballot back in my mailbox and circled the 'additional postage required' spot. I took it down to one of those blue mail boxes and dropped in there. That worked…” said one of the commentators on the popular forum.

Another Reddit user from California says he and his wife registered as voters no less than two weeks ago, he hasn’t received his envelope yet:

“My wife's vote by mail ballot arrived almost 2 weeks ago, my hasn't come yet,” said the angry poster.

Many Californians are literally forced to pay for the envelopes for remote elections, and since many of them are loyal citizens, they will do it, so they can express their opinion and cast their ballots.

Some users explicitly say the system is aimed at conservative voters, which contributes to the state’s instability as well:

“The San Diego county ballot is very clear that two first-class stamps are needed. It's on the envelope and the instructions are in multiple places in bold writing. Of course, San Diego tends to favor conservative voters (a large military presence) and do things to sway the county towards that…”

The overall level of anger among the voters is quite high, which is visible outside the internet as well. Back on September 9, California resident Farzad Fazeli attacked Republican candidate Rudy Peters who is running for a local congressional seat in Alameda County.

Deputies suspect the man pulled a switchblade knife and tried to stab Peters, but when the knife apparently malfunctioned, the candidate got into a physical struggle with the attacker, who tried to flee, but was detained immediately by a police unit. As a result, Fazeli was initially arrested on suspicion of felony assault, criminal threats, brandishing a weapon, and possession of a switchblade knife.

So, the question that should be asked here is, “Is it safe to be a Republican in California?” or even, “Is it safe to be a candidate running for election in the Golden State?”

Political anger could also lead to actions aimed at Californian independence, as many locals feel the state should leave the U.S. The Yes California group behind the attempt to put “CalExit” on the ballot have also proposed creating a Greenland-like Native American nation-state within the future California Republic to attract Native American support.

Thus, if California wants to remain stable, it should solve a number of problems before and during the upcoming mid-terms.

Author: USA Really