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Hot Controversies: Protecting Propaganda, and Teachers Loving Teenage Tail
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Hot Controversies: Protecting Propaganda, and Teachers Loving Teenage Tail


Welcome everyone to our USA Really daily podcast for October 31, Halloweeeen. I hope no one’s getting into too much mischief on account of the day! As for us, as always, we have a broad range of topics for you today, touching on the everyday life of Americans throughout the country.

And for our usual listeners, well, you know we have some important announcements for your ears first, so here we go.

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Let’s kick things off with a look at our opinion piece: “How the First Amendment protects propaganda” by Seraphim Hanisch. Remember a decade or two ago when you could be sure that freedom of speech was still valued in America? Obviously the times of such assurance are good and gone by now. Tech giants like Facebook and Google are scrubbing information that they don’t like, and since they’re friggin’ massive, I’m sure it’s effective. But any company has the right to provide or hide whatever info they want. Cause First Amendment. “The First Amendment means the government cannot control our news media. But this also means that the responsibility lies with the American people to control it,” Hanisch writes. He adds, “The Constitution never said anything about reporting the truth. It only says that the freedom of the press cannot be abridged by the government.” Of course, that can leave us in a sticky bind about figuring out what to believe, but that be how it be. Be sure to check out his piece today for the full story!

And let’s keep on rolling into our daily dose of history in yo’ face with our “This Day in History” piece. We’ve got three big events for you today. The Indianapolis Streetcar Strike went down this day in 1913. Basically, a bunch of railroad workers got together and went on strike, which caused a big problem since Indianapolis was a major hub for the U.S. Railway System. The government wasn’t feeling it and they brutally suppressed the strike, leaving 6 dead and hundreds wounded. And in more tragedy events, in 1963, the Indiana Farmers Coliseum Explosion happened during a Holiday on Ice show. No one noticed a leaking propane tank, and eventually it led to 74 dead and more than 400 wounded. And this day last year, the terrorist truck attack happened in New York that killed 8 and wounded 11. Check out the piece for all the details!

And here’s a fun one for ya: “NJ Mayor’s Daughter Arrested After Having Sex With Student.” Jeez, these female teachers just can’t seem to lay off that young d-piece. It is just me or is this becoming a serious trend? Or maybe we just never really knew about it before. Of course, Van Halen sang Hot for Teacher back in the day, but how much was it really happening? I dunno. Anyways, here it’s more fun because it’s the daughter of the mayor of Lodi, New Jersey. Makes him look good, right? The woman hasn’t been charged with sex with the student, but with sending explicit photos. Maybe more charges are coming? Anyways, check out this piece for more of the details.

And here’s some good news… maybe: “American Illegally Detained in Prison for More Than a Year Is Released.” An American citizen, whose identity has not been released, was accused of being a member of ISIS. They found him as he was trying to leave Syria. He says he’s a journalist and he agreed to work with ISIS only after they captured him. The U.S. says, no, you had contacts before that that we knew about. He was transferred to Iraq and held there for a year. The ACLU fought tooth and nail and so did the government, and in this case, the ACLU came out on top. He’s been released to an unnamed third country. Of course, whether or not this is good news depends on whether or not this guy is who he says he was. Maybe he was a terrorist and had a useful cover as a journalist, or maybe the government done funked it up big time. Give it a read and see what you think.

And it looks like good ol’ former president Jimmy Carter is in the news again. He has spearheaded election monitoring in countries across the world for decades, and now he’s calling on Brian Kemp—the Georgia Republican who is running for governor while also serving as Secretary of State—to resign from his post in order to ensure the integrity of the state's upcoming election, because, he believes, the whole scenario has presented a gross conflict of interest. Kemp also seems to be blocking lots of people from voting, but he accuses the Dems of wanting to let illegals vote. It’s a typical Republican-Democrat fight. It keeps our blood pumping! Check this piece out for Carter’s words and all the details.

There’s a Democrat candidate running for Congress in Washington, and well, she’s got no qualms talking about being a crazy socialist! Lisa Brown opened a far Left socialist bookstore back in the day and even invited people like Howard Zinn to come speak there. The bookshop was founded to support the Boulder chapter of the New American Movement, a democratic socialist group that later merged with the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee to form Democratic Socialists of America, and Brown is on video talking about it, and we’ve got that video for you.

And we’ve got more for you on that fun migrant caravan that’s still headed straight our way. This is something I hadn’t thought about—they have to pass through some pretty rough terrain, and this piece even has video of them crossing rivers… in the water! I guess you can at least say they’re determined. But, as far as we can tell, Trump is determined to stop them too, so it could be explosive. There’re masked men in this caravan gathering up rocks. Gee, I wonder what that could be for? Surely nothing violent, right? Now many experts and politicians in the U.S. are puzzling over the question of how Trump will get out of the situation, since the use of even non-lethal weapons against the migrants will cause turmoil, chaos, and stampede. And it’s clear that there will be victims anyway. Naturally, women and children will be the first to suffer, and naturally, all this will go on the air on CNN and other mainstream media. But, in fact, it could be much worse. What’s our thought here for how it could be worse? Well you know the drill—check out the full piece to find out more!

We’ve been covering the midterm elections pretty heavily here. They’re obviously going to be hugely important—which party is going to be in control when the dust settles? Well, of course, there’s already dust flying in California where people are reporting problems with absentee or early voting. The state sends out the ballots for free, but apparently you have to add special postage to send it back, and people don’t seem to realize that, and they’re getting their ballots back in the mail. Then there’re the people who just haven’t received their ballots yet. One man has been waiting two weeks while his wife has already gotten hers… Strange. Oh, and Republicans are being attacked there—which should be no surprise to anyone. And there’re still those Californians who want to break away from the U.S., which probably wouldn’t make too many people outside of California all that sad. Anyways, make sure to give “Hidden issues of California elections” a read.

And with that, we put our finishing touches on the news for today. But let’s jump right into our preview of tomorrow’s opinion piece. It’s an as yet untitled piece from Jesse Dominick on Halloween. Okay, okay, it’s going to be a day late, but the holiday will still be on everyone’s minds. Many people, especially Christians, often wonder if it’s alright to celebrate Halloween—what with the witches and ghouls and demons, and all. Of course, the word “Halloween” comes from All Hallow’s Eve – the eve of the Catholic feast of All Saints. But does that mean what we know today as Halloween is Christian or acceptable for Christians to participate in? Is it normal, good, and healthy to play at being ghost and other freakish creatures? Is it just harmless fun for kids? Well, we’ll attempt to talk about that in this piece, bringing in the expert advice of some respected spiritual leaders. We might not have the final 100% answer, but we’ll see what we can do.

And with that, dear listeners, we bid you adieu. Thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


Author: USA Really