Pittsburgh Penguins Accused of Disrespect Towards Black Lives Matter Movement
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Pittsburgh Penguins Accused of Disrespect Towards Black Lives Matter Movement


PITTSBURGH – November 1, 2018                              

The Pittsburgh Penguins decided to commemorate the victims of Saturday’s Synagogue shooting before their first home game after the tragedy against their Metropolitan division rivals the New York Islanders. The Pens devoted 11 seconds of silence to the 11 victims of the attack and shared their names on their official Twitter account, which did not cause any problems.

“We're honored to have Officer Mike Smidga, Chief Scott Schuber, and Officer Anthony Burke join us for tonight's ceremonial puck drop,” the official Pens Twitter account said, also depicting two policemen wounded during the shooting and holding a flag with a blue stripe—and that is where the problem started.

People started accusing the club of opposing the Black Lives Matter movement, as the blue stripe flag is viewed by some people as an insensitive “countermovement” to the Black Lives Matter campaign meant to shed a light on racial injustice. So, by honoring the victims of the brutal Synagogue attack and wounded policemen, the Pens, allegedly, threw away their African American fan base.

In response, it has been pointed out that the blue stripe flag is a symbol for honoring police killed and wounded on duty and that this flag has a long history behind it. Indeed, it’s hard to please everyone in America nowadays, even when you’re trying to do something good!

The game itself didn’t go well for the Pens either, as they ended their four-in-a-row away winning streak with a home game loss. Two goals from Jordan Eberle and two assists from Nick Leddy ruined the local fans’ hope for a successful game, as the Penguins lost to the Islanders 6-3.

Nonetheless, the Pens are still second in the Eastern Conference and hold first place in the Metropolitan Division with 14 points after 10 games, while the Islanders are seventh in the Conference and second in the same Division respectively after 11 games played. 

The Pens will have their chance at a rematch tomorrow as they play the Islanders again at Barclays Center in New York.

Author: USA Really