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Midterm Elections: A Time of Fraud and Giant Penises
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Midterm Elections: A Time of Fraud and Giant Penises


Welcome everyone to our USA Really daily podcast for November 1. We made it to another month—time flies lately, or is it just me? As for us, as always, we have a broad range of topics for you today, touching on the everyday life of Americans throughout the country.

And for our usual listeners, well, you know we have some important announcements for you, so here we go.

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And on to the stuff!

First is our opinion piece Jesse Dominick on the topic of Halloween: “Hell on Earth? Thoughts on an Annual Dilemma: To Celebrate Halloween or Not.” Okay, okay, it’s a day late, but the holiday is still on everyone’s minds. Many people, especially Christians, often wonder if it’s alright to celebrate Halloween—what with the witches and ghouls and demons, and all. Of course, the word “Halloween” comes from All Hallow’s Eve – the eve of the Catholic feast of All Saints. But does that mean what we know today as Halloween is Christian or acceptable for Christians to participate in? Is it normal, good, and healthy to play at being ghost and other freakish creatures? Is it just harmless fun for kids? Well, we’ll attempt to talk about that in this piece, bringing in the expert advice of some respected spiritual leaders. We might not have the final 100% answer, but we’ll see what we can do.

And let’s do that sweet sweet history thang, with our “This Day in History” piece for today. We’ve got three events for you today. On this day in 1918, the deadliest rapid transit railroad accident in U.S. history took place in New York. Apparently the wooden subway trains were supposed to go no more than 6.2 mi/h, but this dude was cruising at 37 mi/h. That, along with some other factors, led to disaster, and 102 passengers were killed and more than 50 seriously wounded. In 1950, President Truman endured his second assassination attempt. The guy didn’t even get close actually, but there was an attempt. And in 1951, Operation Buster-Jangle occurred that left an undisclosed number of soldiers dead in a nuclear area. I’ll leave the details for those who go over to the piece for the full scoop!

And let’s get bumpin’ with the news. First up is our homage to the United State of … fraud. You know, the elections are coming, and of course that means voter fraud. I said it a few days ago. Anyone who tells you voter fraud is not real is a LIAR! It happens, and it happens more than we what to admit, methinks! This election cycle just might be one of the most intense in history, with the media working overtime to call any and every Republican a racist. But so what fraud are we talking about? Well, illegals vote, people are casting multiple votes, people are voting at the wrong polling station, and there’s fraud associated with absentee and early voting. The best is when dead people vote. If you want to hear about our democracy being undermined, often by the people claiming to protect it, then check out this piece.

And the saga of poor Megyn Kelly continues. She took to Twitter to talk about how the paparazzi are setting up camp outside her house, just waiting for that precious photo. She actually had to go and ply them with donuts to convince them to get their photo of her and leave her family alone. She says everyone complied except the Daily Mail which took photos of them in their home and even followed her kids to school and took videotape of them. I guess it’s not enough that she was fired for the most absurd reason ever, but now she has to be followed. Again, USA Really is offering its help and support to Mrs. Kelly any way it can.

And we’ve got some humorous news from Delaware. Apparently there’s two candidates there with similar names—Erin Lutes Weinner and Robert S. Weiner—and one brave man is calling for—you guessed it—giant penises to be drawn on their signs and billboards! It has to be rough having those names, but at the same time, their signs are practically begging for it, right? He wrote: “Dear youth of Delaware, As election season is drawing to a close I have noticed something that has deeply disturbed me. I fear that our youth are somehow being lead astray. Nay, I dare say that you may be on the completely wrong path. In North Wilmington, there are 2 individuals with the last name Weiner running for office. One of whom thought it prudent to include her face on her signs. And yet, I have not seen one giant penis drawn on any of them. How could this be? Have we lost our ability to draw penis’? Is there a sharpy shortage I am unaware of? As a red blooded American I must stand up and decry this shameful omission. Sincerely, Me.” Let’s just go ahead and assume it’s going to happen.

And for some more infuriating Democrat race-baiting news. It seems the Pittsburgh Penguins are embroiled in a controversy now for daring to honor the police who were wounded in Saturday’s synagogue shooting, cause honoring cops is somehow a slap in the face to the Black Lives Matter movement! These people are horrible. The Pens had 11 seconds of silence for the 11 victims, but they also tweeted a picture of two policemen holding a blue strip flag—which honors the cops. But crazy people think it’s just a “counter-movement” against Black Lives Matter, because Democrats see everything as being about race—which is what we call RACISM! I guess that’ll teach the Penguins to try to do something good.

And here’s some more political fun—it seems a Delaware Democrat candidate likes to go out canvassing, knocking door to door and all that, and while she’s out, you know, why not remove the opponent’s literature? Sure! The best part is, Monique Johns was caught on video doing it! Someone had a security camera at their house and bam! She’s caught red-handed. You know your positions are strong when you have to hide the opponent’s material to win. And the other best part is that one of her billboards was torn down, and she tweeted a complaint about it—and she does the same kind of stuff! Since she was caught on camera she had to make a public apology and pretend she actually felt bad for doing it. “I removed the literature of my opponent's campaign from the door of a voter. It was wrong and I should never have done it,” she said. So heartfelt. Give our piece “Democratic Candidate Removes Opponent’s Campaign Literature in Delaware” a read for the full story.

And hey! Are you worried about radon getting you? Well now there’s a new resource for you to know where there’re unhealthy levels of radon, like anywhere in the world. The company Airthings has put it up on RadonMap.com, and it pulls constantly-updating radon level data from Airthings’ devices all over North America, Europe, and beyond to provide current localized analyses and advice – ideal for anyone looking for the risks associated with radon exposure. That’s pretty cool, right? So help yourself avoid cancer today!

 Well, that’ll do it for the news. So let’s jump into our preview of tomorrow’s opinion piece before heading out for the night: “THE DIASPORA FROM THE NORTHERN TRIANGLE: Who Will Help the Dispossessed?” by Luis Lázaro Tijerina. He seems to be no lover of Trump, at least on this issue. Here’s a taste for you: “And so, in our recent moment in history the worker from Honduras attempting to escape starvation or death in his home country is wiser than all the American media commentators in their naiveté who attempt to explain human circumstances they have never lived, and the American people and their self-styled “Nationalist”-inspired President, all part of this meaningless charade, are also engaged in endless exaggeration and disingenuous observations of their shallow, materialistic lives.” And Tijerina asks himself, would I be brave enough to make this trek and face the border guards? It’s an interesting question. Check out the piece tomorrow for more where that came from!

Aaaan, that’s all folks. Thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


Author: USA Really