O’Rourke Campaign Exposed Helping Illegal Migrants. Watch Viral Video: “Nobody Needs to Know”
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O’Rourke Campaign Exposed Helping Illegal Migrants. Watch Viral Video: “Nobody Needs to Know”

Project Veritas/YouTube

Project Veritas released a video in which Beto O’Rourke campaign members discuss how they can illegally spend campaign money to support the Honduran migrants and how to arrange the their transportation to the U.S.

Dominic Chacon, a field manager for the O’Rourke campaign in El Paso, Texas, is worried about providing support to the caravan migrants:

“I’m going to go get some food right now, like just some stuff to drop off, cause they need food and blankets,” said Chacon. “Do you know of anybody that has blankets and s**t? We got permission to give them some of these waters, so we can take some of the waters too.”

Anapaula Themann, a field organizer for the O’Rourke campaign, is worried about the secrecy of the conversation with Chacon.

“Don’t ever repeat this and stuff but like if we just say that we’re buying food for a campaign event, like the Halloween events, cause there’s block walks coming up for Halloween,” Themann said.

Chacon responds, “That’s not a horrible idea, but I didn’t hear anything. Umm, we can wait until tomorrow for that.”

“Well that’s exactly the food we need. And I will just mark it as, I do have dozens of block walkers,” said Themann.

Also, Themann explains to Chacon the intricacies of the procurement of food, saing that some places don’t indicate the types of goods they sell.

“There’s actually stores that just mark it as ‘food,’ they don’t mark different types,” said Themann. “At Albertsons, on the receipts, it marks it just based off of brand. So you don’t know what kind of food it is.”

Then Chacon suggests using prepaid campaign cards to disguise the purchases.

“I think we can use that with those cards to buy some food, all that s**t can be totally masked like, oh we just wanted a healthy breakfast!”

When it came to spreading the goods, Themann noticed she does not “want to make it seem like all of us are from [the O’Rourke campaign].” She adds, “I just hope nobody that’s the wrong person finds out about this.”

Jody Casey, the campaign manager for the O’Rourke campaign, was so satisfied with the ongoing theft of the money that she sent a text message with the endorsement of this type of activities.

“[Jody] texted us afterward and was like, I’m so happy that we have a staff that gets it and was there, I was so happy to see y’all there, still working, still contributing, we have the best team ever… she was good about it,” Chacon explained.

Also, Chacon noticed, caught on video, that Casey “doesn’t need to know” that they are using pre-paid cards in the deal.

Chacon also expressed a desire to use vans to help with the transportation of illegal migrants to America.

“I was gonna use to vans too…we could probably use that, get away with using the vans,” said Chacon.

“Nobody needs to know,” Chacon added.

“… we’re going to give rides to some of the immigrants too,” said Chacon. “Like to the airport, to the bus station, like why not, you know?”

The fact that the MSM won't report on this proves without a doubt that they ARE NOT looking out for Americans’ best interests.

Author: USA Really