Despicable CIA Democrats and THE Divided States of America
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Despicable CIA Democrats and THE Divided States of America


Since 1791, two years after George Washington’s inauguration, the United States has been governed by two political parties. Through the history of the U.S, important issues regarding life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have created division among Americans.

Things have changed so much—and much of what we have been taught is moot.  Nowadays a claimed two party system may end with the demise of America as we know it, and the so-called American Dream.

It does not have to be that that… and no need for pat explanations.  Whether it is slavery, taxes, women’s rights, guns, foreign affairs, monetary policy or suffrage, the United States has been through many tough stages since its birth.

There have been riots, Watergate hearings, Pentagon Papers, death and destruction and most importantly: a divided nation (the result). The Civil War saw the death of 700,000 Americans, yet we stayed together as one nation—at least in theory.  It was all described as a matter of overcoming our differences, working together, and most important, uniting.

But things are more difficult than ever before. We are no longer united, especially going into the final lap of the midterm election period.

Today, in the year 2018, the United States is once again is at odds with its political system and its people. It is not solely a matter of policy difference.

Technology has absolutely changed the world as we know—our mentalities too—and scapegoats only too plentiful, in vogue has been immigrants as the scapegoat of the week.

Why all the rigmarole?

Only too soon, for those of us with enough education, street smarts, to realize that we are being lied to, manipulated in the countdown to November 6 midterm elections.

We only have ourselves to blame.  Few can differentiate between facts and falsehoods. Even when we are told all the while that free and fair elections make us stand out as TRUE Americans, show us how exceptional we are; voting is how we stand up for OUR American Values.

I would beg to differ … two parties is not enough … both have been hijacked. I am a registered Socialist back in my home state of West Virginia. JFK, “Kennedy Democrats” are no more, and not even Yellow Dog Democrats.

They [two major political parties] have all sold out or have been sold-down-the-river. But still the political leadership wants us to believe that there are only two political parties to pick firm.

It gets more complicated than that. I started out to write about most pressing issue these days, first thinking about the 14th |Amendment, and who can claim US citizenship based on birth, within the State and Nation, and if that can be removed by Executive Order?

But that was too humdrum a subject, and that what everybody is writing about, and that immediately raised flags in my trust-no-news-mind.  There are better stories to be shared.

Want to know more!!!

My first suggestion is to go to the WSWS web site, search on the term "CIA Democrats" in quotation marks, read everything they wrote about it, and absorb that information. Next, my second suggestion would be to read everything the Black Agenda Report has written about pro-war Democrats recently.

You'll be off to a flying start!

All the while be asking yourself what is behind the rapidly increasing polarization of singular and superficial thinking? Are there sinister forces hidden within the government as many are suspecting? Definitely, and soon with the election results, we can take a head count—the topic of my next article.

In retrospect Americans will have only themselves to blame, and depending too much on cell phones, social media, MSM and the internet to quickly access the singular and agenda-driven ideologies that are “spoon fed” to us on a daily basis.  Americans are lazy, accepting things on a superficial level and not taking the time to understand the issues and making informed choices.

And YES, almost the entire "leadership" has sold out. But about 50% of the rank & file haven't sold out - the Bernie Sanders supporters before the July 2016 national convention. I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that the ENTIRE "leadership" has sold out, no exceptions at all.

As with the sexes, the two main political parties are each suffering an identity crisis—and trying to play identity politics. From this chaos, Trump has accomplished one thing with flying colors: the implosion of the Republican Party, while Hilary (or some would say Bernie) exploded the Democrat party.

Many people are threatening to never vote democrat again, not only because of ultra-loud protests by some members but because they don’t know what their party stands for anymore. Others who had been more "liberal" were forced to the conservative led to them becoming republican due to conspiracies.

And many will just not vote, as my choice this election. I don’t want to waste my vote on any of them. In reality the most pressing issue might to focus on before the election is best described as "The CIA Democrats."

If you wait until after November 6 to I can tell you more, and provide an up-to-the-minute report on how many of the immoral, despicable CIA Democrats won seats in the US House & Senate.

Author: Jeffrey Silverman