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Voters Getting Frauded in Texas and Things Turn Electric in Tennessee
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Voters Getting Frauded in Texas and Things Turn Electric in Tennessee


Welcome everyone to our USA Really daily podcast for November 2. Hope y’all are doing well out there and keeping yourselves warm if you’ve begun to experience some cold wherever you are. And fear not—we’ve got all the hot news you need to keep warm!

And for our usual listeners, well, you know we have some important announcements for you, so here we go.

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With that out of the way, let’s dive into today’s opinion piece: “THE DIASPORA FROM THE NORTHERN TRIANGLE: Who Will Help the Dispossessed?” by Luis Lázaro Tijerina. He seems to be no lover of Trump, at least on this issue. Here’s a taste for you: “And so, in our recent moment in history the worker from Honduras attempting to escape starvation or death in his home country is wiser than all the American media commentators in their naiveté who attempt to explain human circumstances they have never lived, and the American people and their self-styled “Nationalist”-inspired President, all part of this meaningless charade, are also engaged in endless exaggeration and disingenuous observations of their shallow, materialistic lives.” And Tijerina asks himself, would I be brave enough to make this trek and face the border guards? It’s an interesting question. Check out this piece for more where that came from!

And from there we usually head into our daily dose of history with our “This Day in History” piece. Some good stuff for all you Dakotans out there—both North and South Dakota were admitted as states on this day in 1889. Of course they used to be Indian territory, then they were part of Spanish Louisiana, then they were briefly French, and then were eventually sold to the US in the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, but it wasn’t until 1889 that they became states. It was a long strange trip! On this day in 1947, the H-4 Hercules had its first flight near Los Angeles. It took off from the water and stayed in the air for about a mile. And on this day in 1983, Martin Luther King Jr. Day was established. Interestingly, Reagan was initially against it because of King’s communist connections, but he later became the president to officially establish the day. And then, again interestingly, it wasn’t actually celebrated until 1986, but now, of course, it’s part of our official holiday system. Anyways, check out this piece for all the details of these events.

And let’s jump right into some fun election news. It seems voting machines in Texas have been programmed for fraud by someone or somebodies! Millions of Texans have early voted, but, voting  violations have been identified in 82 of Texas' 254 counties, with at least 9 of those counties reporting difficulties, according to an NAACP letter. "In the past week, we have received reports from individuals and voter advocacy groups that some Texas voters attempting to cast a straight-ticket ballot for the Democratic Party on Hart eSlate machines have seen their selection for U.S. Senator switch at the last moment to the candidate for the Republican Party," the letter reads. "We have not received reports that this is happening to Texas voters attempting to cast a straight-ticket ballot for the Republican Party on these machines. But our request that your office does more on this issue is non-partisan and will protect all voters." So, that sure sounds like fun, right! Of course, there’s a lot more to this story, so head on over to the piece to check it out.

And a man has been executed by the electric chair in Tennessee for the first time in10 years. It seems he actually requested it, because death by injection seems to really torture the guys, making them die much slower and more painfully. Of course, the death penalty is always a debate. I think I mentioned this on the podcast before, but it was certainly a debate in our theology classes at seminary, and it’s obviously a political debate. But this man, Edmund Zagorski was the 134th person put to death by Tennessee since 1916 and the second this year, though the first by the chair since 2007. Apparently Zagorski was part of a large group of inmates that were actually suing the state over its use of lethal injection. Check out this piece for more on that story, to see what he was convicted of, and how that lawsuit is going.

And with all this election hub-bub going on, who’s supposed to win? It seems historically the opposite party from the sitting president usually takes the midterms. But it’s no guarantee. The Democrats need 24 seats to flip the House of Representatives, and 2 to flip the Senate. But to make matters harder, the Democrats are defending 26 of the 35 seats up for election in the Senate this time. As for the House of Representatives, of the 435 seats up for re-election, the Democrats need to flip 24 seats—something that should be within reach for the party. The latest forecast from the Cook Report has the Democrats with a likely 209 seats and the Republicans 197. This means that the remaining 29 toss-up seats that are too close to call will be incredibly important for the outcome of the election. Of course, as we know from the last presidential election, we can’t rule out last-minute upsets, so hold onto your handbags, lady, this could get bumpy!

Next up is some more fun from the midterm election campaigning, with Democrats getting caught on tape doing or saying something stupid again. One thing we can say for the Democrats is that they keep life interesting, right? So Beto O’Rourke is running for the Senate in Texas, and it seems some of his team members were videotaped talking about taking campaign money to support the Honduran migrants, and not just in a humanitarian way, but to get them into the U.S. illegally. You know, they’ll just say they’re buying food for campaign events and no one will question that. And hey, they can use the campaign’s vans. Why not? Nobody needs to know, they say on tape. They’re sneaky, but since they got caught on tape they’re not all that sneaky. Anyways, check out the piece for all the details.

And hey, It is no secret that China is targeting the US’s critical infrastructure systems, such as energy systems and financial networks, which it has the potential to significantly damage or partially destroy. Among the extracted information, there were also about 5.6 million US citizen fingerprints, some of which can be used to identify undercover agents or create copies of biometric data to gain access to secret areas. Moreover, Chinese cyber espionage is carried out by many entities — from "state contractors" to independent "Patriotic hackers" and "criminal entities.” These groups often interact with each other and possibly in coordination "within the intelligence services." The US Department of Justice has unveiled charges against two companies and three individuals it says have been stealing trade secrets from American memory chipmaker Micron. If you want to be a mastermind in the ways of espionage, then sure to check out this piece: “Industrial Espionage: The Hidden Side of Chinese Modernization.”

That brings us to the end of the news for today. But if you like taking a dump on Trump, then tomorrow’s opinion piece is one for you. It’s called “Trump’s USMCA Will Be a Sustainability Disaster” by Winston Smith, with USMCA standing for U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. The Trump administration has submitted a planned agreement to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Many experts say the new pact will be horrendous news for those who care about affordable medicine, climate change, the environment, and a range of consumer safeguards because it gives big multinational corporations a free pass to operate with virtual impunity. According to some experts, the new deal is the next step in a Trump administration deregulation campaign aimed at helping big business at the expense of consumers, and the USMCA even increases the power of corporations to harm people, communities and their collective rights, said Smith. Of course, people will always have different opinions on such things. Trump believes the deal is better for America, of course, so make sure to check out this piece tomorrow, check out Smith’s reasoning, and see what you think.

And with that, buckaroos, we bid you goodnight. Keep it real out there, and thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


Author: USA Really