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No Shoes, No Shirt, Indian Headdress, No Service … AND GO VOTE!
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No Shoes, No Shirt, Indian Headdress, No Service … AND GO VOTE!


Welcome everyone to our USA Really daily podcast for November 6. It’s been a long weekend here with Monday being a federal holiday in the good ol’ Russian Federation. Hope y’all had a good weekend full of lots of meat and other yummy treats. My family and I had the blessing of visiting the relics of St. Matrona of Moscow yesterday at Pokrov Monastery. She’s the most beloved saint in Moscow, and if you don’t know who she is, check her out!

And again, don’t forget our two chances for you to win wheelbarrows full of cash—our Global Democracy Award where we’re looking for original works on the US government’s interference in other states, and our Zuckerberg Wanted action where we’re looking for solid evidence of the government enforcing illegal censorship. In both cases, you could find yourself the happy owner of several thousands of dollars, so check both of these items out!

First let’s take a quick look back at some of the stuff you may have missed over the weekend.

If you like taking a dump on Trump, then Saturday’s opinion piece is one for you. It’s called “Trump’s USMCA Will Be a Sustainability Disaster” by Winston Smith, with USMCA standing for U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. The Trump administration has submitted a planned agreement to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Many experts say the new pact will be horrendous news for those who care about affordable medicine, climate change, the environment, and a range of consumer safeguards because it gives big multinational corporations a free pass to operate with virtual impunity. According to some experts, the new deal is the next step in a Trump administration deregulation campaign aimed at helping big business at the expense of consumers, and the USMCA even increases the power of corporations to harm people, communities and their collective rights, said Smith. Of course, people will always have different opinions on such things. Trump believes the deal is better for America, of course, so make sure to check out this piece, check out Smith’s reasoning, and see what you think.

For all you history buffs, we had a This Weekend in History piece for you that takes a look at the Battle of Dak To from Vietnam, President Nixon’s “Silent Majority” speech, the Northwest Indian War, and the first woman elected as governor in 1924. This honor belongs to Nellie Ross, who refused to campaign while competing for the post of the governor of Wyoming, yet easily won the race on November 4, 1924. She implemented a lot of good measures, but her support for prohibition didn’t go over well and she didn’t win re-election in 1926.

On Saturday there was a fun piece about some bumper stickers that have been appearing expressing how tired the public is about the Russian collusion nonsense. “No One Cares about Russia!!! Trump for President 2020” one reads, and “Russian didn’t make me vote for Trump. Hillary did,” another reads. Mueller’s investigation has been going on for quite a while, and there’s still… nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. But I’m sure we can trust the Democrats to keep on pushing it. Ah, just push it, push it real good.

Then here’s one to push some buttons: The leader of the Yakama Nation was denied entry to a Supreme Court hearing … about a treaty with his own nation! Basically, they wouldn’t let him in because of his headdress, saying it would block the view of others. I mean, tough issue. It’s obviously true that such a thing would block people’s view, but then, can you expect an Indian chief to not wear his headdress at a hearing about his own nation? “My First Amendment right was violated,” JoDe Goudy later said, calling his experience “dehumanizing.” Things like this always cause hot passion, so check it out!

We had another opinion piece on Sunday: “Despicable CIA Democrats and THE Divided States of America” by Jeffrey Silverman. Since 1791, two years after George Washington’s inauguration, the United States has been governed by two political parties. Through the history of the U.S, important issues regarding life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have created division among Americans. Things have changed so much—and much of what we have been taught is moot.  Nowadays a claimed two party system may end with the demise of America as we know it, and the so-called American Dream. But things are more difficult than ever before. We are no longer united, especially going into the final lap of the midterm election period. Today, in the year 2018, the United States is once again is at odds with its political system and its people. It is not solely a matter of policy difference. Of course, it’d be great to have a united nation, but that’s quite a tall order, especially in today’s world! For more dirt on all this, check out this piece.

Monday’s opinion piece comes to you from Walt Garlington: “Eternal Vigilance.” Garlington writes: “There is a famous quote in the States:  ‘The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.’  Short though it is, it carries with it great spiritual significance. Man is indeed supposed to be constantly watching, but watching diligently the thoughts of his heart, not the seething waves of the political ocean.  But the latter is precisely where he has set his eyes, which can only do harm to the soul. If you’re interested in learning how to “know thyself” and be vigilant over your heart and mind, this piece has some great spiritual advice for you from the ancient Orthodox Tradition. It also has some words on how to focus more on spiritual realities than the political realities that seem to be so important. Check it out for sure!

There’s also a This Day in History piece from yesterday that looks at the Korean War, the Fort Hood mass shooting, and the Sutherland Springs church shooting from last year.

And now for today’s opinion piece from Seraphim Hanish: “President Trump Plan to Lower Drug Prices the Boldest in American History.” Hanisch writes: “President Trump spoke on Friday at the department of Health and Human Services. At this event, President Trump, the first US president to visit this place in its history, spoke boldly of plans to lower drug costs for American citizens. This is a big story and it goes hand-in-hand with the President's commitment to replace the Affordable Care Act (which is anything but) with actual affordable options for health care for American citizens. His plans were bold and striking.” But what are these bold measures? Well, you’re just going to have to read the piece to find that out!

Next up, we’ve got an insightful interview for you with former White House Communications Director for President Donald Trump Michael Dubke, who comments on today’s election and shares his opinion on how American House of Cards-like political life will change after the mid-terms. Mr. Dubke also comments on a number of sharp political issues of this season. Check out “This Election Is Not Going to Change Donald Trump Fundamentally” to get all his political insights.

And today’s This Day in History piece is an election special with a look back at several notable presidents who won elections this day in history. We look at Abraham Lincoln, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama, and even Jefferson Davis from the Confederate States of America just for fun. You know you learned about these guys but you’ve forgotten the details, so get your refresher here!

Our next piece is another one of our USA Really videos with Marcelo Sanchez reporting on “US Midterm Elections: The Florida Case.” America’s midterm elections tend to evoke shrugs outside the U.S. The world usually focuses only on U.S. Presidential elections, but this year, things are different. So Sánchez, USA Really’s correspondent in Florida has that story for you.

And here’s one for you—a woman went in for a routine back surgery, and she came out without a kidney! Say wha? Apparently her kidney wasn’t in the usual spot, though it was completely functioning, and well, one of the surgeons figured it was a tumor and he cut it out! Jeez, that’s awful. Who the heck just goes ahead and does something like that? As you can imagine, Maureen Pacheco has a lawsuit about it going. I sure hope she wins, though it doesn’t look like the doctor is going to back down! Get that whole messy scoop at our piece.

Our next piece is sad, giving you the “Gut-Wrenching Details of the Final Moments of a Rape Victim’s Life.” Poor Karina Vetrano was just 30 years old when she was attacked, raped, and strangled while on a run in Queens back in August, 2016. The a-hole, Chanel Lewis, says he was mad at her so he attacked her when he saw her out on her run. Vetrano’s poor father was the one to find her body. Thankfully, Lewis is on trial for murder, with the process ongoing. I hope there is some justice there!

And that brings us to the end of our pieces for the day. But you know the deal—let’s take a quick sneak peek look at tomorrow’s opinion piece before we bounce out: “The Crisis of Opioid Addiction in the United States as a Symptom of State Collapse” by Luis Lázaro Tijerina. “Every country or nation-state as it begins its decline or collapse, either as a result of economic disaster or through defeat in war, reveals other destructive indicators through other means— drug addiction among the masses and leadership being one of them.  Many historians when attempting to gauge or write about the decline and eventual ending of an empire, for instance, will study the various social behaviors that took place among the population of a dying nation, as it reached its end,” Tijerina writes, and “Currently in the United States, the world is witnessing an unparalleled usage of opioids and prescription drugs by Americans due to various social factors, including social anxiety, the loss of work or meaningful work, the breakdown of family and community connections and interaction, and poverty that leads to homelessness.” So, that’s pretty bleak, so I guess you’d better check out this piece tomorrow to find out what’s really going on here and what the war on drugs is all about!

And with that, we’re out! Thanks for listening, thanks for reading, and keep it right here for all the news you need to know.


Author: USA Really