Florida Woman Caught on Camera Stealing GOP Yard Signs
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Florida Woman Caught on Camera Stealing GOP Yard Signs


FLORIDA – November 06, 2018

Cameras caught another Democrat “sign-stealer” casually pulling up Republican Ron DeSantis’ campaign signs in Florida just 10 days before Election Day. She was confronted but just kept on walking. The video was published оn J H Collazo Twitter and thousands of comments were posted by outraged viewers. Watch as she brazenly refuses to drop the signs or stop pulling them up:

Twitter user jtpallai (@jtpallai1) commentedс: “Fуnny and not so funny...in my neighborhood...i see a Desantis sign up one day ...gone the next... I was wondering why there were so many Gillum signs up”

Terry Robinson (@Trafficman813) Replying to @realJHCollazo @RonDeSantisFL said:

“Just to make clear. The sign is private property, the land is public property. The local or state government may seize those signs not a private party or citizen. When they do it becomes petty theft. If you left your car there she could not take it into her possession.”

Jay Onyx (@j_onyx29) Replying to @realJHCollazo @JoanneTarpon07 @RonDeSantisFL added:

“Democrats idea of grass roots campaigning. Pull other side's literature & signs, lie & false pose so much you need scripts & still go tongue tied. Need staff to remind you what grift you're really about.”

The video has been viewed more than a half a million times.

This is not а new tactic of brazen theft and lawlessness coming from the left.

In August a woman in polka-dot pants was caught on camera pulling campaign signs from outside the offices of Republican Jose Fernandez, a first-time candidate running for the state House in Miami.

He posted two videos of the theft on his public Facebook page.

Fernandez offered a $1,000 reward for any information on the suspected sign-snatcher, who is seen in the security camera footage stealing a handful of his campaign signs and loading them into a red Fiat before driving away. The incident took place at 2780 SW 87th Ave. in Westchester.

“I’m willing to put up a reward to find whoever it is,” Fernandez said, adding that someone had also stolen signs from outside his home and around his neighborhood.

He said about 30 signs had been stolen, and that prank callers had been harassing his wife through blocked phone numbers.

“It’s been nasty,” he said. “I never thought it would be this bad.”

Fernandez said he thinks the thief must be supporting one of his opponents in the House District 115 primary, which include Vance Aloupis, Rhonda Lopez, and Carlos Daniel Gobel.

Regardless of whom you are voting for, political yard signs always seem to generate conversation about elections but they also generate something else — theft.

What people may not realize is that stealing a campaign sign, or even tampering with a sign, is a crime. The offender may be charged with theft, damage to property, and trespassing.

The police do not typically take reports for each sign that is missing. However, if you are caught stealing or damaging a sign, the police will charge you.

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